"The Fury of the Kryptonian-Killer!": Amalak brainwashes Rinol-Jag, last survivor of a planet which was destroyed by a planet-sized chunk of Kryptonite, into hating all things Kryptonian. Rinol-Jag goes

Superman #195 is an issue of the series Superman (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 1967. It was published on February 7, 1967.

Appearing in "The Fury of the Kryptonian-Killer!"

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  • Rinol-Jag




Synopsis for "The Fury of the Kryptonian-Killer!"

Amalak brainwashes Rinol-Jag, last survivor of a planet which was destroyed by a planet-sized chunk of Kryptonite, into hating all things Kryptonian. Rinol-Jag goes on a hate crusade against the survivors of Krypton, destroying monuments to Superman, Supergirl, Jor-El and Lara, breaking into the Fortress of Solitude to capture the bottle-city of Kandor, and then using Kryptonite to capture Superman, Supergirl, and Krypto. But when Amalak tries to activate a device that will explode the Earth, Rinol-Jag questions his actions, and is shot by Amalak's ray-gun. Falling, Rinol frees Superman, who is wounded by Amalak but nevertheless manages to knock him out and short-circuit his bomb. Later, Amalak is imprisoned, and Rinol-Jag makes friends with Superman and Supergirl.

Appearing in "Superman Joins The Army!"

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Synopsis for "Superman Joins The Army!"

This story is reprinted from Superman #133.

Back in the day when Clark Kent was trying to establish himself in Metropolis, he had no job and used his abilities as Superman to earn income. However, when his land lady becomes suspicious about where he obtained the money, after telling her previous he was unemployed, he decides to get a legitimate job as an extra cover for his secret identity. Initially trying to get a job at the Daily Planet, Perry White refuses him unless he can get a good story.

His first attempt at getting a story is when he follows Perry's lead to do a story about Bongo, an aging gorilla at the Metropolis zoo. Kent tries to rouse the old timer into a fight by dressing up as a gorilla and attacking the aging ape. He manages to get the story he wishes, but when he reports it back to Perry, Perry is less than impressed. After another failed attempt, Perry is about to tell him his next idea involving Superman and Kryptonite. Opening a box of Kryptonite in front of Clark causes him to faint. However they believe it's due to him having not eaten in a while when they hear his stomach growling. After giving him a meal, Perry gives him one last chance at getting a job with the Daily Planet: Get a picture of Superman holding Kryptonite.

This is something that Clark -- being Superman in disguise -- can easily do and so he takes a picture of himself as Superman with fake Kryptonite, and returns it to Perry as Clark Kent. Perry is impressed with Kent's work that he hires him on as a reporter for the Planet.



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