"Wild Week-End in Washington!": Traveling to the Fortress of Solitude, Superman and Batman have come to put a new trophy there from their last mission: The Golden Eye. Collected during their case against [[Effron the

Quote1.png Clark's spending time with Babs will do Superman some good... It'll loosen him up from that "world-saver" image he's always having to live up to! Quote2.png

Superman #268 is an issue of the series Superman (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 1973.

Synopsis for "Wild Week-End in Washington!"

Traveling to the Fortress of Solitude, Superman and Batman have come to put a new trophy there from their last mission: The Golden Eye. Collected during their case against Effron the Sorcerer. There Batman tells Superman that he has to return to Gotham City to help Senator Cleary with a solar disintegrator project. In hearing this it reminds Superman that he will be traveling to cover a story in Washington, D.C. for the Daily Planet. Batman suggests that while Superman is there that he visit an old friend: Barbara Gordon, who is a Senator in Washington.

Arriving in Washington, he calls Barbara and asks for her help in getting into the Emperor of Ethiopia's reception at the White House, an request that Barbara accepts on the account that Clark is a friend of Bruce Wayne.

While at the White House, Clark happens upon Senator Cleary and blurts out what he knows about the solar disintegrator, before Barbara rushes him out of the room. Later that night after saying goodnight to Barbara, Clark is confronted and pretends to be knocked out by some men wanting to know what Clark knows about the solar disintegrator. He is taken to a man named Mr. J who wants to know the secrets and locks Clark up in a cell until he can divulge that information. Not wanting to reveal his identity he decides to wait for the ideal time to change into Superman and break himself out.

The next day Clark's disappearance is reported in the news, prompting Barbara to take her Batgirl identity out of retirement in order to search for him. She manages to track down Mr. J's hide out, and provide the distraction necessary for Clark to change into Superman to stop Mr. J and his goons, then uses his super speed to convince Batgirl that Mr. J is really an unconscious Clark Kent that needs medical attention. He then flies Mr. J off to the FBI then appears at the hospital as Clark Kent just as Barbara Gordon arrives there to check on his condition.

Later, returning to the Fortress of Solitude with Batman, Superman deduces that he probably blurted out what he knew about the solar disintegrator because they had somehow accidentally triggered the Golden Eye. Going to check to make sure it is deactivated, they are shocked to find that somehow, the device has been stolen.

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Synopsis for "A Tale of Time and Tide"

Young Jor-El visits his scientist uncle Zim-El, messes up an experiment, and is told the story of an earlier inventor, Kil-Gor, one of their ancestors by marriage. In ancient times, Kryptonians had a hard time gathering enough silten (a form of algae) to sustain themselves between the time when it was exposed by low tide and the arrival of great birds which would swoop down and drive them away. Kil-Gor developed a form of telescopic lenses and then a sand timer to let them know the time between tides, and his friend and future son-in-law Bur-El demonstrated that it would work. After Zim-El finishes his story, Jor-El notices that a mixture of chemicals in a can causes the can to fly out the window. Zim-El chalks it up to random explosive action, but Jor-El thinks that it could have been evidence of a new type of warp-fuel.

Appearing in "A Tale of Time and Tide"

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  • Bur-El (Flashback only)
  • Har-No



  • Steam Engine
  • Lodestone Compass
  • Silken
  • Droths
  • Simple Telescope
  • Hourglass
  • Automatic Door Opener
  • Crossbow
  • Jet-Fuel


  • Rolling Zelzie


The Story "A Tale of Time and Tide" is retold in Krypton Chronicles #3.

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