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"Clark Kent Forever--Superman Never!": Intergang has taken over the Olympus Observatory and transformed "Big Eye", the world's most powerful telescope, into an energy cannon. After collecting enough energy from orange-type stars, Big Eye shoots a massive burst of orange

Quote1.png For the next seven days at least-- and maybe forever-- there will be no Superman. No matter what! Hopefully, I'll learn what the real Clark Kent is like in the process! Quote2.png

Superman #297 is an issue of the series Superman (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 1976.

Synopsis for "Clark Kent Forever--Superman Never!"

Intergang has taken over the Olympus Observatory and transformed "Big Eye", the world's most powerful telescope, into an energy cannon. After collecting enough energy from orange-type stars, Big Eye shoots a massive burst of orange flame towards Metropolis.

Below on Metropolis, Clark Kent has spotted the flame streaking towards the city while riding a WGBS News copter. Swiftly he changes clothes, sets the autopilot and flies towards the tongue of fire. His super-breath fails to put the fire out and similarly an artificially created water spout is ineffective for extinguishing the fire, but a sand tornado created by Superman finally smothers the flame. Superman tracks its trajectory all the way back to the observatory where he makes quick work of the Inter-gang crooks. Superman flies back to his hovering copter, and since he couldn't record himself, he makes sure his x-ray vision botches the film before delivering it.

Unbeknownst to Superman, an Inter-gang boss reacts to the news with delight. Superman played right on their hands, and Metropolis will very soon belong to Inter-gang thanks to him.

Meanwhile, Clark is putting away his Superman costume at his apartment. He can't lead a doble life due to his fluctuating powers, and he has decided it's time to relinquish his secret identity. He'll try to live like a normal Earth man for at least seven days. Clark gets dressed and leaves his apartment.

After he goes out, Xviar reports to his superiors. As instructed, he caused Superman lose his powers while wearing his civilian clothes. And as expected, Clark Kent is going to experiment with being just a normal human for a while. His report done, Xviar uses a device to walk through the wall between his apartment and Clark Kent's and find the secret compartment storing Superman's space trophies.

Meanwhile, Clark Kent has gone to a restaurant to meet with Lois Lane and Steve Lombard. Rather than putting up with Steve's bullying patiently, Clark knocks him down.

Shortly later he sees a subway is getting flooded. Clark is about to ditch his previous plan and suit up when he remembers he isn't wearing his costume underneath. Fortunately, the firemen arrive in time and resolve the situation. Clark is feeling guilty about what could have happened but he reminds himself the world got along fine long before Superman's coming.

Clark walks away, unaware that two Kandorians are monitoring his actions and wondering why Superman failed to act.

Later, Lois comes over, and both reporters enjoy a romantic dinner and movie.

A few days later, Clark Kent is reporting a protest rally which is rapidly degenerating into a riot when, before Clark's bemused gaze, Superman appears and calms the crowd down. Clark spots a film crew nearby and guesses the impersonator is Gregory Reed, an actor who became famous playing Superman. Clark takes the opportunity to interview "Superman".

Meanwhile, the Inter-gang's leader is watching the news and getting angry. Superman turned up but nothing happened. A henchman suggests it was because Superman didn't use his powers.

Later, Morgan Edge is rudely ordering Clark to travel to Chile, if he likes or not. Clark loses his patience, declares he's sick of putting up with Edge's abuse and he isn't going to Chile. Edge is so impressed by his nerve he gives Clark a raise and agrees to his suggestion to send Steve Lombard instead. When Steve gets angry and picks a fight with Clark, Clark punches him out again.

Later that day, Clark meets with one of his informants, who has discovered Inter-Gang has camouflaged one of their secret bases as a transport truck. Clark then visits Professor Pepperwinkle and borrows an anti-gravitational device. Clark surreptitiously climbs onto the truck's roof, opens a hole with a blowtorch and drops into. Before the Inter-gang crooks have time to gun him down, Clark switches the anti-gravity device on. Gravity gets nullified inside the truck, and Clark exploits his long experience maneuvering in weightless space to take them down.

Later Clark is walking Lois to his apartment. Clark's investigation has revealed the orange flame shot by Big Eye was meant to super-charge Superman and make him explode as soon as he used his powers, taking half city with him. Lois declares she isn't interested in more work talk right now.

Over the next door, Xviar looks over several alien jewels stolen from Clark Kent's apartment. Thanks to them he expects to be able to channel Superman's power to destroy Earth.

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