"Clark Kent, Get Out Of My Life!": Clark Kent suffers a nightmare where he and Lois Lane are taking a calm stroll around Metropolis, insensitive to people begging help and dying around them. Clark wakes up and notices he put his uniform under

Quote1 I've got to find out what it's like to be a full-time Man of Steel... so for the next week or so, Clark Kent will have to keep out of my life! Quote2

Superman #298 is an issue of the series Superman (Volume 1) with a cover date of April, 1976.

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Synopsis for "Clark Kent, Get Out Of My Life!"

Clark Kent suffers a nightmare where he and Lois Lane are taking a calm stroll around Metropolis, insensitive to people begging help and dying around them. Clark wakes up and notices he put his uniform under his sleepwear in his sleep. He hasn't been Superman for one week and feels guilty about it, even though he has enjoyed being Clark Kent for real.

At this, Clark hears Lois knocking on his door. Superman forces himself to ignore her and fly out of his apartment, determined to find out what to be Superman full-time for one week is like. Concerned, Lois gets the doorman| to open the door. Finding nobody inside, Lois wonders if Clark is avoiding her because she was mean to him in the past.

After Lois and Mr. Morris leave, Xviar again sneaks into Clark's apartment and steals a number of ultra-advanced devices.

Superman arrives at his Fortress of Solitude. As checking his world crisis monitor, the equipment starts malfunctioning. Wanting to see what or who is interfering with his monitors, Superman heads out.

Somewhere else, a man is testing his solar-powered costume. It should give him strength equal to Superman's but he's barely mightier than a circus strongman. He deduces something is interfering with his costume's energy-absortion.

Meanwhile, Superman has reached the Sun and gets to dissolve a massive sunspot interfering with trasnmission equipment all over the world. At the same time, the costumed man notices his suit works properly at last, and prepares to make his greatest dream come true.

While, Superman resumes his heroic activities, pondering Earth deserves a full-time Superman who doesn't get distracted with everyday life trivialities. Unfortunately, Superman remembers Clark Kent was supposed to testify in a trial against Inter-Gang boss Max Danners. Again, Superman forces himself to walk away, determined to not turn up unless there's not sufficient evidence to convict.

Instead, Superman beats three bank robbers. All of sudden, a floating, costumed man shows up, steals the loot, and vanishes, declaring his name is Solarman.

On Galaxy Communications Building, Morgan Edge is furious due to Clark Kent missing the trial. Lois reveals he wasn't in his apartment this morning, and suggests he was kidnapped by Inter-gang or gotten himself into trouble. Superman then flies in the office. Both Lois and Edge plead with him to investigate Kent's disappearance.

Meanwhile, an Inter-gang assassin sneaks into Clark Kent's apartment but gets swiftly murdered by Xviar, who has already nearly completed his weapon to carry out the Earth's destruction while Superman is away and preoccupied with his own problems.

After spending one day averting Crisis all over the world, Superman goes back to Metropolis and decides to stay at Jimmy Olsen's place to unwind. However, Jimmy tells him Solarman went on a rampage as he was out of town and is hovering on the city square right now, challenging Superman. Superman leaves, feeling he's beginning to miss his friends and upset because he isn't allowed to take time out.

Superman meets and engages Solarman. In the beginning, Solarman seems to get the upper hand but it was all a ruse: Superman was letting Solarman beat him up while he bombarded his costume's receptors with heat beams until overloading them. Solarman's costume starts overheating and smoking and he has to beg Superman to take it off. Superman obliges, while thinking as long as power-mad men are around there must be a Superman. Now Superman needs to choose what identity will he give up.

Meanwhile, Xviar's doomsday device is ready, and he's waiting for his homeworld's signal.


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