"Blind Hero's Bluff!": Superman busts Metropolis crimelord Samuel Simeon's operation. When he turns them over to the authorities, the police chief remarks it's unusual for Superman, who is often very busy with the big picture, helping police out with local crime. Super

Quote1.png You shouldn't have lied to me, Kara... But I understand why you did. And in a few days, I won't be angry any more! But there's something you have to understand-- The real reason I became obsessed with saving Earth! Look, Kara! What you see down there is life... Growing, vibrant, fierce with energy! I love this world, Supergirl... As much as I ever loved Krypton! Perhaps, in certain ways, I love it more... Because it adopted me when I was lost and alone! It made itself my home, when I had no home! It gave me life... When my life could have been over! If I'm obsessed with Earth, it's not because of Krypton-- It's because of Earth, my home! I'm not ashamed of that obsession, Supergirl... I'm proud of it! Every man and woman on Earth should feel what I feel... And perhaps you should feel it most of all... Because, cousin-- You were adopted, too! Quote2.png

Superman #309 is an issue of the series Superman (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 1977.

Appearing in "Blind Hero's Bluff!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • The J'ai
  • Intergang (Unnamed)
    • Samuel Simeon (Final appearance)

Other Characters:




  • Space-Going Warships

Synopsis for "Blind Hero's Bluff!"

Superman busts Metropolis crimelord Samuel Simeon's operation. When he turns them over to the authorities, the police chief remarks it's unusual for Superman, who is often very busy with the big picture, helping police out with local crime. Superman just mutters he'll be more focused on the "little stuff" from now on because Earth is his home and a man must always prioritize his home, and flies off. Later Clark takes part in a friendly footbal game between the Daily Planet and Galaxy staffs, but his distractions make his team lose the game.

Meanwhile, Supergirl meets up with a third party who warns her about a giant alien fleet raiding planet Xonn, far away in the Cygni-Gi system. Supergirl decides to go call her cousin and intervene immediately, but she's warned Kal-El may refuse to interfere: Krypton's loss caused him to identify with every soul in the universe, but now he believes he's an Earthman... Supergirl refuses to believe their theory and heads off, determined to prove them wrong.

Supergirl meets Superman shortly later and tells him about the J'ai army besieging planet Xonn. Though, Superman refuses to help the Xonn, feeling Earth is his priority. Supergirl slaps him angrily and goes ahead herself after telling him where he can put his "priorities".

Several hours later, Clark is having dinner with Lois Lane, but he can't get his mind off his own cousin calling him a coward. He decides on a whim to check on Kara via telescopic vision and he sees her and Krypto in space being beaten and captured by an invading armada on the planet Xonn. Clark hurries to come up with a string of bad excuses to throw Lois out, changes clothes and streaks towards Xonn.

Superman arrives in Xonn and initially seems to have an easy time, even though the J'ai prove to be dangerous warriors, until he finds out Xonn's orange sun cuts his powers in half and makes him blind. Superman is overpowered and knocked out by several J'ai warriors.

When he comes around, he finds himself confined in a crystalline cell right with Supergirl, Krypto and a leader Xonn. Their Xonn ally explains the J'ai are able to easily conquer worlds thanks to their peculiar reproductive system: every dead J'ai spawns eight new J'ai. Superman compares them with the human myth of the Hydra monster, and his wording makes Supergirl realize he's figured out she was lying all along. Supergirl collapses on one knee while Superman lists off all details didn't add up but he didn't question previously because he was too shocked: she kept calling him "cousin" and "Kal-El", and she never explained Krypto away.

Kal-El demands an explanation and Supergirl explains it was the Kandorians who cooked up such a scheme. All of them -including her- were growing concerned over his mental health due to his growing obsession with Krypton's loss. When he decided to protect Earth even from mankind itself the Kandorians convinced Kara that her cousin's obsession was driving him crazy and the best way to deal with it was to remove it.

Superman gets furious, breaks out of their cell and resumes his battle against the J'ai. He's getting overpowered by their sheer numbers again when he comes up with an idea to paralyze them through a sonic pulse.

After defeating and imprisoning the J'ai and help clean Xonn up, Superman, Supergirl and Krypto return to Earth. Kara asks Kal if he'll ever forgive her, and her cousin replies he's still angry about her lying to him, but he understands her reasons and will forget about it in a few days. However he adds he wasn't obsessed with Earth because of Krypton but because he loves his adoptive planet and isn't ashamed of it.



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