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"Cold Comfort": Paris, 1659

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Superman #655 is an issue of the series Superman (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2006. It was published on August 9, 2006.

Synopsis for "Cold Comfort"

Paris, 1659
Arion the Immortal is living the life of an aristocrat under the name Vicomte Jean-Simon Giscard D'Arion. He awakens from a prophetic dream and speaks the words, "Camelot falls". Disturbed by his vision, Arion uses a crystal ball to peer into the future.

The Present
Clark Kent is on board a plane bound for Ayaguz, Kazakhstan. To pass the time (and with the aid of his heightened intellect), he begins reading several different texts simultaneously. After a brief and unwelcome conversation with another passenger, Clark recalls a recent visit with Lana Lang.

Clark had visited Lana at Lexcorp Tower to discuss her new position as company CEO. She spoke with him concerning her recent divorce from former President Pete Ross. Pete had elected to return to Smallville with their son, while Lana remained in Metropolis.

Clark snaps out of his reverie and uses his telescopic vision to scan the countryside surrounding Ayaguz. He finds that the region has been devastated and quickly takes his leave of the airplane. Switching into his Superman costume, he flies down to survey the damage.

Superman finds Doctor Llewellyn amidst a pile of rubble. She tells him that something called Subjekt-17 has recently broken free of captivity. Subjekt-17 is a large monster that had been contained in a Soviet laboratory for many years. Llewellyn's team had attempted to shut down the equipment that had kept it in hibernation, but Subjekt-17 awakened and escaped. Superman finds the monster and the two begin fighting.

All of this is seen through Arion's crystal ball in 1659. Possessing acute knowledge of what Subjekt-17 truly is, he creates a mystic rift and steps through it into the present.

Appearing in "Cold Comfort"

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  • This issue is reprinted in the Superman: Camelot Falls.
  • This issue takes place after the storyline that began in Action Comics #841.
  • This is the first full appearance of Subjekt-17. Subjekt-17 was referenced in the epilogue of issue #654.


  • A reporter named Lowell Jeffries holds up a copy of the Action Bulletin Newspaper. The front page of the paper is a reproduction of the cover used for Action Comics #841.

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