"Men & Monsters": Many years ago in Western Australia:

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Superman #656 is an issue of the series Superman (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 2006. It was published on September 20, 2006.

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Synopsis for "Men & Monsters"

Many years ago in Western Australia:
Clark Kent has volunteered to work with Professor Lewis Lang on an archaeological dig. There, he meets Callie Llewellyn who discovers a gigantic prehistoric sea creature. Clark has to use quick thinking and even quicker reflexes to save Callie's life from the creature in its death-throes.

Belgrade, Serbia, the present:
Subjekt-17 continues to rampage through the city. Superman and he trade blows leveling a town plaza. Subjekt-17 appears to demonstrate many of the same powers as Superman, including super-strength, x-ray vision and arctic breath. In addition, Subjekt-17 possesses telekinetic capabilities and sonic powers as well.

While Superman struggles to contain Subjekt-17, Doctor Llewellyn squats in a bunker researching the monster's history. She discovers that an alien ship crash-landed in Russia in 1949. Russian soldiers discovered a lone pregnant alien woman on board. Taking her into private custody, they experimented on her child in an effort to further their biological defense programs.

Meanwhile, Superman grabs Subjekt-17 and flies high into the sky. He throws him back down towards Earth, hoping that the sudden shock of the fall would disorient him. Subjekt-17 quickly revives however and follows Superman to Almaty International Airport. Superman discovers that the key towards stopping Subjekt-17 is through sonic counter frequencies. This tactic gives Superman a brief advantage over his assailant.

Suddenly, a brilliant ray of light strikes down from out of the sky. Superman looks up to find the ancient Atlantean mage, Arion, floating before his eyes. Arion warns Superman that the world may soon die by his hand.



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