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"The Beast From Krypton": Hawkman, Animal Man, and Aquaman all cry out that "He comes for Superman".

Superman #666 is an issue of the series Superman (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2007.

Synopsis for "The Beast From Krypton"

Hawkman, Animal Man, and Aquaman all cry out that "He comes for Superman". In the Daily Planet, Phantom Stranger arrives to find Clark Kent. He greets him and moments later the two vanish, leaving no one with any memory of their presence.

Later, Clark sits at home and works on some work while Lois goes to bed. He joins her later and falls asleep as something stirs beside his bed. Superman dreams of a world where he rules over everyone with an iron fist, using corrupted heroes to enforce his power.

Clark awakes and gets up to go for a flight. As he leaves Lois asks for pickles and ice cream. At the store, Superman suddenly lashes out and destroys a stand. Zatanna appears and expresses concern, but he tells her that he knows he's still dreaming. He blows Zatanna away and goes outside to find Lex Luthor attacking the city with a giant robot. Superman spits through the robot and right into Lex's head, killing him. Brainiac appears and Superman dispatches him as quickly. A legion of his enemies descend from the sky and Superman deals with all of them in similarly lethal fashion. After they have all fallen, Superman hears Jimmy's signal watch. Finding his pal, he tells him how annoying the watch is as he kills Jimmy. Perry is next to die and then he turns his heat vision on his apartment, with Lois inside.

Flying to Washington, he steals the chair from the Lincoln Monument and moves it to space, where he lords over the planet from his new throne. The world sends missiles at him, but he destroys them easily. Moving to Smallville, he destroys the town and then moves into the Earth.

Descending to hell, Superman encounters the Demon. He throws him out of his way. Ascending to the throne, he tells the creature there to get out of his chair. The beast asks him if he still thinks this is all a dream.

The monster tells him how when Krypton was destroyed, Krypton's hell was also. But one small demon managed to grab hold of Superman's rocket and come to Earth. The lords of hell gave Rakkar power to corrupt Superman, and now he has done it. Rakkar changes Superman into a beast of hell.

Suddenly a fist shatters out of the beast's chest and Superman emerges. Rakkar is confused, and Superman explains that the Phantom Stranger created a false soul for him to be corrupted while Superman remained safe. Superman tosses Rakkar to the lords of hell and returns home.

Clark returns home and his entire memory of the ordeal is foggy. In hell, Rakkar still lives.

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  • This issue is reprinted in the Superman: Redemption collection.


  • The story title ties in with the issue number, which according to the Holy Bible is the "number of the beast".

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