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"The Third Kryptonian, Part Two: The Escape": Superman and Batman ascertain the alien molecular compound they are investigating must come from Northern California. Superman comes upon a farm, run by a woman named [[Karsta Wor-Ul (New Earth)|Kris

Quote1.png We'd heard of Amalak, even crossed his path a time or two. He was another pirate, but too brutal for us to want to work with. Still, there'd been no hint, no sign of this kind of hatred. Quote2.png
Kristen Wells

Superman #669 is an issue of the series Superman (Volume 1) with a cover date of December, 2007. It was published on October 24, 2007.

Synopsis for "The Third Kryptonian, Part Two: The Escape"

Superman and Batman ascertain the alien molecular compound they are investigating must come from Northern California. Superman comes upon a farm, run by a woman named Kristen Wells, and notes she is growing alien plants in her garden. She may appear sixty but she's definitely not human. Superman starts to politely introduce himself, and she punches him into Tokyo. Superman heads back, telling Batman to shut down the speaker in his earpiece. Batman does so, maintaining the microphone open so she can't hear him, but he can listen to both.

Superman returns to find Wells armed with an anti-Kryptonian blaster, threatening him out of her property. He says he's there to talk, and she lowers her weapon and ushers him in.

While offering a drink, Kristen asks how he found her. Superman tells her about local teens smoking something that made them super-strong and mad, and him tracing the substance back to her garden. Kristen tells him she didn't realize her herbal remedy would affect humans.

Kristen says that her real name is Karsta Wor-Ul and that she was a commander under Admiral Dru-Zod I several generations ago, at the height of the Kryptonian Empire. The Empire came to an end when the Military Council was replaced by the Kryptonian Science Council, that decided to shut down the Empire and recall the army. Refusing to yield and lose her powers forever, she and others fled.

Unfortunately, she and her group soon discovered Kryptonians weren't welcome outside of their own world. They became outlaws hunted by everybody. Often they had to kill those who were chasing them, which Kristen isn't proud of. Eventually the group split and fractured, some returning to Krypton, others becoming mercenaries. Kristen and her group went rogue and joined different pirate bands. She eventually met Ro-Kul, another former stellar navy gone rogue, and fell in love. After a while they left piracy behind and travelled the universe together before building a home and settling down. The lived for a century, entirely undisturbed except for three months where they dreamed the people from Kandor was calling them.

Superman and Kirsten's conversation is being monitored by Amalak's crewmen. When Superman mentions finding Kandor II and bringing it to Earth, Amalak believes he is refering to the original Kryptonian city, and his eagerness to find it and destroy it becomes increased.

Kristen continues her history. They heard about Krypton's destruction years after the fact. In time, anti-Kryptonian feeling had waned, and she and other survivors dared to go back to friendly worlds and gather from time to time. Then they were ambushed by Amalak, a Kryptonian-hating space pirate. Amalak slew dozens of non-Kryptonians just because they were there, but Kristen and her lover managed to slip away.

In the following years, Amalak systematically hunted down and killed every Kryptonian survivor until only Kristen was left. Kristen spent decades hiding in backwater worlds until she heard of Superman. Thinking of using her showy, noticeable countryman as an early warning system should Amalak return, Kristen fled to Earth. She secured funds, forged a new identity and led a quiet life, following news of Superman, and later of Supergirl, Power Girl and Krypto. Since time passed and Amalak never came, possibly due to being haunting other space sectors, she grew complacent, failed to maintain her sensor shields correctly, and was detected by the Auctioneer.

After finishing her story, Karsta prepares to leave. Superman tries to talk her out of it, but they are suddenly attacked by Amalak and his men. Amalak declares he'll find and kill every Kryptonian, and then the vengeance of his people will be complete.

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  • Kryptonian Navy (Flashback only)
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