"Insect Queen Part Two: Gossamer Wings": After Chris develops a small fever, Lois leaves him under the care of Bridey Schwartz, a babysitter she hired. As she goes off to work, Lois leaves a message on Clark's phone about Chris being sick and the

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Synopsis for "Insect Queen Part Two: Gossamer Wings"

After Chris develops a small fever, Lois leaves him under the care of Bridey Schwartz, a babysitter she hired. As she goes off to work, Lois leaves a message on Clark's phone about Chris being sick and the possibility of taking him to a doctor without jeopardizing Clark's identity. Lois considers that Chris' fever is not serious and he will get better in time.

Meanwhile, Superman is following the trail of a moon-based insect infestation.

At the moon, Lana is shocked to discover the Insect Queen has assumed a physical form similar to hers. The Insect Queen reveals she is from an insect planet far from Earth, one that allows only one royal and the others are killed or sent out to spread across the universe.

During her uneventful travels she came into contact with Lex Luthor. Naturally, he tricked her into servitude with the promise of power and domination. Luthor mysteriously vanished, leaving Lana in charge. As revenge for Luthor going missing and abandoning his financial empire and power base, Insect Queen took over his secret Moon Base and began impregnating all the human staff to be her slaves. Insect Queen reveals she is only keeping Lana captive to help her clone her body parts and feed her slave armies and pupae.

Superman arrives at the moon base, discovering it has been turned into a giant hive. has been turned into a giant hive. He gains entry to the hive and sees thousands of eggs ready to hatch and bug soldiers standing guard.

Lana has been wrapped in a silk cocoon and placed in a a wall, but manages to steal a piece of the Insect Queen's armor and keeps it hidden on her person. Slicing through her bonds unnoticed she overpowers the bug guards imprisoning her. Then, she crawls through a ventilation shaft, until someone grabs her from the shadows.

Elsewhere, Superman finds himself suddenly in the throne room and sees the Insect Queen sitting on her throne. Although she has Lana's appearance, Superman knows she is not Lana. He threatens the Queen and is promptly overpowered by hundreds of the bug army.

Lana finds that she's stumbled onto the hiding place of survivors. They haven't been to Earth for over five years, so they do not know Luthor has disappeared and Lana is now C.E.O. of LexCorp. They explain the insects broke into the base, captured many of the workers and infected them with alien reproduction fluid into us to transform them into bugs.

Meanwhile, Superman is still fighting the insects, but the Insect Queen knocks him out and orders his thralls to take him to her throne.

Lois is still worried about at Chris, so she heads home. As she tends to Chris. The sickly child reveals a swollen veiny arm glowing with red solar radiation. Somehow Chris seems to be overloading with Red Sun radiation. Lois takes off the watch and Chris begins releasing dangerous amounts of solar energy. Lois is barely able to rescue Mrs. Schwarts before three floors of the apartment building are incinerated in a solar explosion.

At the moon, the Insect Queen begins injecting Superman with insect fluid.

To be continued...


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