"Grounded, Part Two": Superman walks through a neighborhood, and a man nods off on his porch and completely misses him.

Quote1 People always say things like that. "I designed this weapon to hurt even you!"...So the hard part isn't hurting me. The hard part is surviving me. Quote2

Superman #702 is an issue of the series Superman (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2010. It was published on August 11, 2010.

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Synopsis for "Grounded, Part Two"

Superman walks through a neighborhood, and a man nods off on his porch and completely misses him. Some kids playing basketball are bagging on one of their friends, Markey G. Superman arrives and starts to play with them and without powers. Markey G gets a basket on Superman, and earns the approval of his friends.

Superman hears a vibration and approaches a seemingly normal looking man at his house. The man is revealed to be an alien, and when he leads Superman into the house a large, black creature attacks Superman.

Superman fights back, dismantling the creature. The aliens plead with Superman not to reveal them, given how hard their life is back home. They point out that he too was an alien. Superman points out that it's a bad time to immigrate illegally in the United States.

The alien points out that they're self-sufficient, and have enough gold to not make an impact on Earth. Superman asks them what they're giving back to their community. He decides to think for a while before making his decision.

Superman encounters an old shut down factory, and meets an elderly man who provides security. He describes the plant as it used to be, and asks to see Superman fly. Superman obliges, then as he's leaving, the man collapses. Superman takes him to the aliens, who heal him, and then he has them open up the factory again with the technology to kill two birds with one stone, employing all of the workers who were formerly at the plant.

Clark Kent, on assignment to cover Superman's walk, writes an article on the whole thing. Lois talks with Superman on the phone about this as he keeps walking, and in the background, Batman looms.


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