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"The Giants of Professor Zee": At a lab hidden near the mouth of an inactive volcano, Dr. Cardos and Professor Zee have just found a way to increase the size of living organisms.

Superman #8 is an issue of the series Superman (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 1941. It was published on November 8, 1940.

Synopsis for "The Giants of Professor Zee"

At a lab hidden near the mouth of an inactive volcano, Dr. Cardos and Professor Zee have just found a way to increase the size of living organisms.

Months later, giant men start appearing all across the nation. They cause untold destruction, from trains being derailed to forests being razed! Not even the army is able to put a dent in the mammoth-sized men, the beings shrugging off any artillery fired at them. In the state capital, Governor Carlson and his daughter are grabbed right out of their mansion by one of the giants, and taken to an unknown location.

Superman has been doing his best, cleaning up after the giants, when his super-hearing overhears a newsflash about the governor's kidnapping. He soars across the country, using his telescopic vision to locate the giants' point of origin. What he doesn't expect is to find the creatures erecting grand homes inside a sleeping volcano! Superman watches from within a small crevice of a nearby glacier, but he is spotted, and a voice on a loudspeaker calls to him. The giants move in and attempt to grab him, but the Man of Steel evades their efforts, ripping a chunk of the glacier out of place, he starts an avalanche! Just then, a plane flies overhead, and Superman can see Lois within, desperate to get the story as usual. Being momentarily distracted causes him to get grabbed by one of the giants, just as the avalanche of ice engulfs them! Meanwhile, Lois' plane is yanked out of the sky by another giant's hand and taken to the lab.

Professor Zee and Dr. Cardos try to force the governor to tell his the army to cease and desist, or his daughter will be turned into a giant! When Lois Lane is brought before them, the professor has her thrown in the same cell as Lillian, the governor's daughter. Back outside, Superman uses his great strength to escape the icy clutches of the avalanche. He grabs a tremendous boulder and throws it into the heart of the volcano. As a result, the entire mountaintop explodes. The heat melts the glacier into a raging flood! Superman outruns the rushing water, making it to the lab where he peels back the wall, allowing the girls to escape. Carry Lois, Lillian, and her father, Superman flies away from the chaos. The giants are all killed in the flood along with Professor Zee and Dr. Cardos.

Appearing in "The Giants of Professor Zee"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Professor Zee (Single appearance; dies)
  • Dr. Cardos (Single appearance; dies)
  • Giants (Destroyed)

Other Characters:

  • Governor Carlson (Single appearance)
  • Lillian Carlson (Single appearance)
  • Henry (Single appearance)
  • Henry's passenger (Single appearance)


Synopsis for "The Fifth Column"

Frank Martin, an operative for the counter-intelligence agency, visits Clark Kent in his apartment. Frank has received a message from his contacts that the leader of the Fifth Column, an organization dedicated to subversion and sabotage of rival countries from within, has arrived in Metropolis by boat. Because of Clark's history of detective work, Frank asks him to stay alert and let him know if he sees anything. As soon as Frank leaves, Clark takes off his outer garments to reveal his Superman outfit underneath. He flies out the window and heads towards the waterfront, where he notices a large group of sailors following one man, who they seem to either respect or fear, into a warehouse. The leader, Reibel, makes plans with the men to start spreading propaganda flyers and recruiting factory workers whose names were on a list he presented to them, names of men who were loyal to the fifth column, who knew how to sabotage the industry. Superman bursts through the wall at that moment, smashing the crates containing propaganda merchandise. He grabs the list out of Reibel's hand while shrugging off any bullets fired at him. Grabbing one of the guns from the attackers, Superman, in a display of power, fires a shot at their leader, only to catch the bullet with his other hand. If Reibel doesn't quit his subversive activities, Superman warns he won't bother catching the bullet next time.

Back in his reporter identity, Clark pays Frank Martin a visit to tell him the news. A gunshot sounds from inside the federal office, and Clark hurriedly goes inside. The body on the floor is Martin's, and holding the smoking gun is his so-called bodyguard, Carlton. Before Clark can think, Carlton tosses him the weapon, just as the police rush in. Clark is caught holding the murder weapon, with Carlton yelling that he saw the mild mannered reporter kill his boss. When the police search his pockets, they find the list of fifth columnist contacts, that Clark had gotten from Reibel. They arrest him on the spot, thinking he's a spy. Clark manages to escape after leaving the building. While being escorted, he jumps high up at a speed that's too fast for the naked eye, landing on the roof. His X-Ray vision revealing that Carlton was no longer in the office, Clark strips off his suit and tie, and then swoops off as Superman, back to the warehouse at the pier. On the way, he spots Reibel's car and follows as it steers toward the airport. Reibel enters a plane about to lift off, and Superman tags along by hanging on to the undercarriage.

The plane lands in a valley where a secret base for the foreign powers has been constructed. A man named Sagdorf is in charge. Superman eavesdrops as Reibel makes his report. Sagdorf doesn't seem to believe him about "a man possessing superhuman strength" foiling their operation, thinking that Reibel just slipped up and was embarrassed to admit it. He instructs Reibel to change his identity and return to Metropolis, where he'll report to Carlton, another of their agents. The two men leave the area, so now the Man of Steel goes to work. He destroys all the weapons on the base, crushes the bomber planes, and blows up the munitions plant. The fifth column spies would never be able to attack the American military now.

Superman returns to his civilian identity as Clark Kent once more. He heads back to the office of the late Frank Martin, where he finds Carlton rifling through Martin's files. Grabbing a gun off the desk, Clark commands Carlton to come with him.

At the Daily Planet, Lois Lane is having a difficult time believing Clark is a spy. But when Clark comes into the building with Carlton as his hostage, Lois and Perry are aghast. However, Clark is able to coax a confession out of Carlton for the murder of Frank Martin. Alone, a confession out of duress wouldn't hold up in court, but Clark also brought some documents along with detailed information on Carlton's time with the Fifth Column. Perry White is very impressed. Clark is asked to hammer out the story on his typewriter so they can print it tomorrow morning.

Days later, Clark is cleared of all charges, and the city is now minus a few more foreign spies.

Appearing in "The Fifth Column"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Sagdorf (Single appearance; dies)
  • Jeff Carlton (Single appearance)
  • Eric Reibel (Single appearance; dies)

Other Characters:

  • Frank Martin (Single appearance; dies)


Synopsis for "The Carnival Crooks"

Clark and Lois visit the carnival for a day of fun. A pair of carnies eye Clark as an easy mark, and invite him over to try their ball toss game. Clark is reluctant, but they talk him into tossing a few. Afterwards, the carnies take all the money Clark's got on him in payment for winning a prize that would have only cost a few cents! Lois is outraged that Clark would let them short-change him like that, walking out of the fairgrounds in a huff.

Lois storms back into the Daily Planet, telling Perry she wants to write an expose on the shady carnival thieves who took advantage of Clark. Perry doesn't quite believe the carnies were at fault so much as Clark was for falling for their scam, but gives Lois permission to try and dig up proof of wrongdoing that they can put in the paper. She tries to get Clark to help, but he turns her down, saying he wasn't even that sure he was cheated. So Lois decides to handle the assignment herself. Clark gets an inkling that Lois is going to find herself in trouble, so he follows her as Superman.

Back at the Carnival, Lois begins snapping shots of the ball tossing stand, as customers are made to pay high prices for every toss. One of the carnies spots Lois, though. As she walks away, he trips her while his partner "accidentally" steps on her camera. Lois is incensed, she heads straight to the owner's office to report the crooked operation. Jackel, the man in charge, is shocked to hear that there were crooks working in his carnival, and he summons the two of them to his office. The carnies are fired, to Lois' satisfaction, and she leaves feeling that justice has been done. But Superman had been watching the whole thing, and after Lois leaves, he sees what she doesn't. Jackel begins to laugh, as the men he just "fired" return to his office. It had all been a show for the reporter girl's benefit. Mr. Jackel was well aware of the crooked business that went on in his carnival, since he was the one who came up with it. He calls in the rest of his crew for the daily "take" from his crooked game runners, a pickpocket working the crowds, and fixed gambling machines.

Superman waits until the others leave, but before he can confront Jackel, a commotion at the other end of the fair requires his attention. A man is being short-changed by carnies, and his refusal to pay is quickly escalating the confrontation. Superman grabs the crooks and sticks them on the targets for the customers to hit. He gives back all the money they've lost, then begins destroying every stall. The carnival toughs attempt to stop him, but tackling the Man of Steel is like moving a mountain. Lois arrives on the scene, accompanied by the police. The carnies each confess to their crimes, preferring jail to another beating.

Using his men's capture as a distraction, Jackel escapes the scene in his car, nearly running down a police officer in the process. Superman chases down the criminal, ripping the top of his vehicle open and pulling him out. He is delivered back to the police, who lock him up with the rest of the carnival crooks.

Later that day, Superman returns to the Daily Planet as Clark Kent. He tells Lois he reconsidered her offer about helping expose the Carnival. She tells him he's behind the times. Her story on Superman's disruption of the criminal activity at Jackel's Carnival has already made the paper!

Appearing in "The Carnival Crooks"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Jackel (Single appearance)
  • Al (Single appearance)
  • Chick (Single appearance)
  • Rube (Single appearance)
  • Fingers (Single appearance)


Synopsis for "Parrone and the Drug Gang"

There is a crime wave in Metropolis, and the boss is one John Parrone, who is feeding his men dope to make them more willing to take risks. Superman sets a trap for Parrone, writing up an express receipt for a heroin delivery to the Lake Drug Store, which he then drops at the feet of Nate Grant, one of Parrone's boys. The plan is to lie in wait for the gang to make its move, so Superman can catch the big boss man in the act and drop him off for the police. Unfortunately, a hitch arises when later that day, Lois Lane decides to finally let Clark take her out on a date.

As Clark drives Lois home from a night at the movies, they pass a car full of toughs that set off Lois' reporter instincts. She watches as the car stops in front of the Lake Drug Warehouse as if the men were giving it the once over, and then pulls away again. After Clark drops her off at her apartment, Lois hurries inside to call Sergeant Casey, telling him to come over and that it is important. No longer Clark Kent, Superman watches as Parrone and his gang sneak into the drugstore's warehouse, knocking out a security guard on their way in. They silently make their way to the safe, as Superman watches, waiting for them to incriminate themselves before he makes a move. Their safe-cracker opens the door, revealing the heroin supply worth up to an easy five hundred thousand dollars. Just as Superman is about to strike, Lois appears with Sergeant Casey! She alerts the gang to her presence when she trips over a small box. Having little choice otherwise, Superman drops into the action, drawing the thugs' fire away from the his partner reporter. Parrone and the boys are picked up one-by-one, and dropped into a packing crate. Superman leaves before the rest of the police show up, letting Casey take the credit for the arrest.

Brokenshire is a dirty lawyer who works out of the pocket of John Parrone. At the court hearing, he proves his deviousness, as despite Lois' testimony, he still manages to get the charges on Parrone and his men dropped, due to a technicality. Perry White later tells Clark and Lois that he believes Brokenshire probably advises his clients on how to get away with their crimes. If only he could be caught in the act...

Parrone invite Lois and Clark to a victory celebration down at the Gray Goose roadhouse. To Clark's surprise, Lois accepts. She tells him later that she had hoped Parrone would slip up and say something to incriminate himself. Clark warns her that Parrone owns the Gray Goose, and they could be walking straight into a trap!

That night, Clark and Lois arrive at Parrone's gala, where the guests all wear fancy suits and expensive dresses. They are welcomed and offered food and drink to start the night. The whole time, Lois remains on alert, waiting for something, anything, to happen that will get Parrone in trouble. Her patience eventually pays off. As the guests sit for dinner and conversation, a ragged man, who Clark recognizes as Nate Grant, one of Parrone's thieves, rushes into the room, shouting that Parrone had been keeping him locked up for days, thinking he was a snitch! But now that he's escaped, Nate planned on telling the police everything! The thugs grab Nate and toss him out, as Parrone follows behind, telling his guests not to worry about "some lunatic". Lois follows, but is stopped at the entrance by a large man saying no one could leave just then. She goes to Clark for backup, but the mild mannered reporter meekly decides not to cause trouble here. Lois fumes as she returns to her seat. Clark, meanwhile, finds a curtain to hide behind so he can change to Superman. He twists open the fancy grillwork around the window, and slips out. A gunshot is heard from the floor above! Superman eavesdrops from the window as the lawyer, Brokenshire, advises Parrone what to do with Nate's body. Since everyone downstairs saw that he had a motive to kill, Parrone's best bet would be to dispose of the body in some way so it'll never be identified. Parrone calls for his men to get the body in a truck. Superman lands softly on the roof of the vehicle as it speeds off. When they're a good enough distance away, Parrone orders everybody out as he pours gasoline all over the truck. Once he lights it up, the body inside will be burned beyond recognition. Before the torch can be thrown, Superman catches it, and then lifts Parrone and Brokenshire off the ground! He tosses them into the back of the truck and closes the doors, twisting the metal together so they can't escape. Then he speeds off back to the Gray Goose, and returns to his Clark Kent disguise. He calls the police and, changing his voice enough to not be recognized, tells them there was a disturbance on the road, giving the location of the truck. Then, in his regular voice, Clark phones up Sergeant Casey, telling him he and Lois are being held against their will at the Gray Goose, along with the other guests.

The next day, Parrone and Brokenshire both face serious prison time due to the murder of Nate Grant. Lois is positive it was Superman who trapped the two men in the truck like that. Clark groans, she always gives Superman far too much credit!

Appearing in "Parrone and the Drug Gang"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • John Parrone (Single appearance)
  • Nate Grant (Single appearance; dies)
  • Brokenshire (Single appearance)
  • Dirk (Single appearance)
  • Pete (Single appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Lil (Single appearance)



  • Published bi-monthly by Superman, Inc.
  • In "The Giants of Professor Zee", Lois Lane is kidnapped for the 10th time.[1]
  • This issue is reprinted in The Superman Archives Vol. 2.
  • Also appearing in this issue of Superman were:
    • "Superman: World's Greatest Adventure Character" (frontispiece) by Wayne Boring
    • "Supermen of America" (full page text ad for the fan club)
    • Laffs (2/3 page gag cartoons) by Lou Paige
    • Nature News (1/2 page of factoids) by Henry Boltinoff
    • "Superman Licensed Products" (full page ad for merchandise from five different manufacturers)
    • "Here They Come Again!" (1/3 page ad for the current issue of Batman #3)
    • "Knotty Problem" (text story) by Ed Carlisle
    • "Here it is!" (full page ad for the current issue of All-Star Comics #3)
    • Snapshots with Our Candid Cartoon Camera (gag cartoons) by Ray McGill
    • "Superman Plus" (full page ad for Action Comics)

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