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"Who Is Strange Visitor? Chapter One: What?": Two weeks ago, an aircraft crashed into a forest. But no one died. They walked out of the flames, guided by a glowing "angel."

Superman (Volume 2) #149 is an issue of the series Superman (Volume 2) with a cover date of October, 1999.

Synopsis for "Who Is Strange Visitor? Chapter One: What?"

Two weeks ago, an aircraft crashed into a forest. But no one died. They walked out of the flames, guided by a glowing "angel."

In Metropolis, Superman flies above the city and soon helps a group of people down from a burning building. The fire was caused by an explosion and they are happening all over the city. Superman wrenches a water tower from its moorings, blasts a few holes in it with his heat vision and then uses it as a shower to assist the firemen in putting the fires out. As soon as it's done, there's another explosion.

Across the city a robbery is taken place. But the robbers, Dome and his Neo-men encounter a woman dressed in Superman's old blue costume. As try as they might, the Neo-men are no match for the woman. Although the heroine stops Dome and his underlings, she is quick to prone to anger. When she takes on Dome she shorts out a large area of the city, but does defeat Dome before leaving the scene.

When Superman arrives Maggie Sawyer fills him in, and Superman promises to find out who she is.

Meanwhile, the mysterious woman visits her mysterious "friend" and explains about her power surge when she got angry.

At his home, Clark Kent is trying to figure out who the girl is, while Lois tells him that Professor Hamilton called and teases him about this new Supergirl. Over the next few days, Superman tries to track her down but always misses her.

In a hidden part of the city, a gang leader executes one of his men because he messed up, and maybe betrayed him.

The next day, Clark is still trying to figure it out, when Professor Hamilton calls him over to his lab.

In a small Midwestern town, a boy is trying to find his sister. The police seem reluctant to do anything. While watching TV, he is surprised the converge on the blue Supergirl to be his sister.

At Professor Hamilton's Labs, Superman finally meets the girl now called Strange Visitor.

Appearing in "Who Is Strange Visitor? Chapter One: What?"

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  • War (First appearance)
  • Dome (First appearance)
  • Neo-Men

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