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"The House of Dracula": Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen all show up in Europe on their scheduled visit to Count Rominoff's mansion, and Lois immediately regrets taking this assignment for

Superman (Volume 2) #180 is an issue of the series Superman (Volume 2) with a cover date of May, 2002. It was published on March 6, 2002.

Synopsis for "The House of Dracula"

Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen all show up in Europe on their scheduled visit to Count Rominoff's mansion, and Lois immediately regrets taking this assignment for Perry, as the castle makes her uneasy. Rominoff's maid, Elizabeth, takes their bags, and Rominoff thanks them for accepting his invitation, and he compliments her and Clark's writing, though he seems particularly fond of Lois. He tells them to get some rest, and thhey'll being the interview in the morning. Clark doesn't feel right, but goes along with it, and everyone goes to sleep.

That night, Lois wakes up in bed, feeling strange, and her skin a shade of pale white. She gets up, hearing a voice calling her name, and she opens the window, and walks out through it. Though she doesn't notice, Clark wakes up, and follows her. Lois continues following the voice outside, and walks into the woods. All around her, pairs of red, beady eyes eerily stare back at her from the shadows. Suddenly, a werewolf launches itself out of the inky blackness, and flies through the air at her. The wolf doesn't reach its target however, because Clark, as Superman, slams into it, remarking to Lois that it's a little late for a stroll. Superman fends the wolf off, punching it, and tell her to run back to the castle. She does, and Superman becomes overwhelmed by the wolves. The wolves rip into Superman, and begin mauling him. Lois keeps running, but runs into Count Rominoff in the fog. He remarks that she heard his call, and as he prepares to sink his vampiric fangs into her neck, he asks if she brought him with her. Superman flies through the night sky and finds Lois, commanding the vampire to get away from her. Rominoff fades away into the fog, happily exclaiming that Superman has finally arrived in his land.

Superman flies Lois back to their room, but she takes a hostile attitude towards him, yelling at him to let her go. He brings her back to the room, and she reveals the reason she's angry; The fact that he chose to save Wonder Woman instead of her father during the Imperiex War. He stares at her shocked, and she suddenly falls unconscious. The next morning, Lois wakes up in bed, and sees Clark staring out the window at the rising sun. He tells her that they need to talk about the previous night, and he tells her that he wants to stick around and see what this 'count' is up to, which is why he didn't fly her and Jimmy out of there already. But to his astonishment, she remembers none of it, and there are no traces of mud on her feet from the woods. They conduct the interview that morning, but Rominoff keeps it brief, finally requesting to see them in the dining hall that night. Later, Jimmy gets ready, and Elizabeth enters his room wearing lingerie and begins seducing him, when she suddenly prepares to bite his neck.

Lois and Clark get dressed and prepare to leave their room, but Clark uses his x-ray vision, and examines a bottle of wine he wiped earlier during the interview. He tells her that it isn't wine, and she blows up at him, berating him. Clark tells her that Rominoff has some kind of hold over her, and he tells her that the stuff in the bottle is not wine, but human blood. Lois leaves in a huff, and goes to the dining hall, but is confused when a drop of red liquid hits her hand. She looks up, and sees Count Rominoff fall from the ceiling, preparing to drink her blood, and he announces his true name, Count Dracula. Clark bursts through the wall in his Superman costume, and a wood chipping nails Dracula in the shoulder. Dracula reveals that he invited Lois here, knowing that whenever she's in trouble, Superman always comes to her rescue; as part of his plan to turn the Man of Steel and make him general of his vampire army in order to vanquish Zod. Dracula gets in Superman's head, tapping into his inner hurt over his wife leaving him to spend time with her mother after the Imperiex War, thus rendering him in a similar state to Lois last night. Dracula takes the opportunity, and bites Clark's neck.

The vampire howls in pain, and jerks backward, having apparently been burned. Superman comes to his senses, and realizes what happened, as does Lois; Superman is a living solar battery, being that he gets his powers from the sun, which is Dracula's weakness, seeing as the sun burns vampires. Burning in agony, Dracula finally disintegrates. Lois tries to talk to Superman about what just happened, but the Man of Steel appears to remember none of it. Jimmy suddenly runs into the hall, screaming that Elizabeth is trying to kill him, but he trips on the stairs. Clark changes back into his normal clothes, and later, the three catch the first flight back to Metropolis. Lois tells Clark that Dracula's death wasn't his fault, and he agrees, but concludes that Dracula's army may have been the only thing from keeping General Zod away from their homeland, but Lois assures him that whatever Creature Commandos are out there are more than a match for Zod. In Europe, the Creature Commandos stand ready for any threat from Zod or anyone else.

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