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"The Secret, Part One: Dead Man": Lois Lane has been trying to dig up information on Lex Luthor, but all she is getting, is that General Rock can help her, but he's dead.

Superman (Volume 2) #182 is an issue of the series Superman (Volume 2) with a cover date of July, 2002. It was published on May 1, 2002.

Synopsis for "The Secret, Part One: Dead Man"

Lois Lane has been trying to dig up information on Lex Luthor, but all she is getting, is that General Rock can help her, but he's dead.

Now, Lois is about to be thrown off of a rooftop by Solomon Grundy. He throws her, and as she falls, she calls out for Superman, but she is saved by Killer Frost, who explains that important people are ticked off at Lois, and that since she won't stop sticking her nose in business that isn't hers, she's going to die. With that, she freezes Lois' hands against the rails of a train track and leaves, as the next train comes rolling down the track towards Lois. Superman lands in front of the train and stops it, remarking that he's still more powerful than a locomotive, though he's interrupted by gunfire around them. On a nearby rooftop, Deadshot puts Lois in his sights, and fires. Superman catches the bullet out of the air, and flies into the sky, where he contains the subsequent explosion of the bullet in his hands. Using his super-hearing, he hears a voice say "abort". Superman flies down next to Lois, noting that all the villains have escaped. He gives Lois one of her shoes back, which she was apparently missing, and she leaves telling him that she's working on a story.

Lois gets a text saying that she needs to come to the metro Garage near Nelson and Bridwell alone at midnight. She does, and meets with the person who sent the text, Hope Taya. Lois gets the information she needs and leaves, and she finally gets to the apartment complex in which she and Clark live. she gets to their room, but when she flips the light switch, the lights stay off. Lex Luthor, who has been waiting for her inside their apartment, takes out a snow-globe that Lois had apparently given to him one year. He informs her that the humming of the music from the globe is creating a null-field, one which not even Superman's hearing can penetrate. Luther explains that her story is a dead end, and that he always knows exactly what to do. He tells her that he could have saved her father if he wanted to, and he leaves.

Superman approaches Amanda Waller in her office, and tells her that he knows that she got the Suicide Squad back together. He breaks a lightbulb, and says that if she goes near Lois again, he'll break more than the lightbulb. After he leaves, she turns and talks to General Rock, who was hiding in the shadows during her conversation with Superman. He tells her that she broke rank, and sent the Squad out without his permission. In Smallville, Jonathan Kent and Martha Kent come out of the doctor's office. Jonathan insist that there's nothing wrong with him, and begins to look for their truck, but Martha tells him that they walked there. After a pause, he awkwardly tells her not to mention this to Clark, who has enough on his mind.

In their apartment, Lois explains her deal with Luthor to Clark, about how in return for having the Daily Planet back, he'd kill any story of hers that he wants, and she tells him all of the dirt she's gotten on Luthor recently, about how he knew all the dates and times of the attacks during the Imperiex War. Clark tells her that she will kill the story for Luthor, but he'll go ahead and publish it, since he didn't make any deals. The next day at the Daily Planet, Clark hands he story in to Perry White to publish tomorrow. The next day, Luthor reads the story in the White House, and becomes livid.

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