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"The Nature of the Beast": Superman arrives at the Kryptonian Fortress made by the Erradicator in Artanctica to store the Kryptonite samples Dr. Sanchez gave him. When he enters the chamber, he feels a static build-up

Quote1.png I'm tough, too-- The difference...*hic*... is that I don't give up! I'll keep at 'im 'til...*hic*...he's dead! Heads up--It's dyin' time...*hic*! I feel his presence...*hic*...around here somewhere... Quote2.png

Superman (Volume 2) #41 is an issue of the series Superman (Volume 2) with a cover date of March, 1990.

Synopsis for "The Nature of the Beast"

Superman arrives at the Kryptonian Fortress made by the Erradicator in Artanctica to store the Kryptonite samples Dr. Sanchez gave him.[1] When he enters the chamber, he feels a static build-up. Once Superman puts the Kryptonite in a cold storage vault melted on the ice walls, he flies back to Metropolis, and as he leaves, he contemplates this could be a good place to unwind.

In a bar in space, Draaga hires a space cab to take him to Earth to fight a rematch against Superman. As he leaves, Lobo arrives at the same bar looking for a fight. He overhears a pair of holo-chip traders talking about a wager on Draaga's rematch with Superman. He asks them about this wager, and the traders hire him to fight against Superman before Draaga can get to him, considering Lobo is more capable than the defeated champion. Raof, an alien with teleporting abilities, is asked to take him to Earth and record the whole battle.

Back on Metropolis, Clark is bored in his Newstime office. He's still thinking about all the Kryptonian artifacts he found in the Fortress and prefers to be there rather than on the job. Clark notifies Mara that he'll be taking the day off, but she lets him know Martha Kent called and that Jimmy Olsen is waiting to see him. Clark asks for her to lie and say he is unavailable, something that makes her feel uncomfortable. Jimmy walks out of the building, angry, and heads on to the Project Cadmus alone. Mara breaks into Clark's office to complain about how he forced her to lie, interrupting his phone call. Back on the phone, Martha invites Clark to Lana's birthday party, but he accepts reluctantly.

Lana's birthday meal has already begun on Kent's farm, and when she is about to blow the candles, Superman arrives, blowing the candles upon his entrance. Lana receives him with a kiss, but Clark is emotionless. Jonathan asks if he brought a present for Lana, and he replies he didn't think to gift her anything. Martha gives him a plate of cake and asks if he wants to change out of the costume, but Superman is comfortable with the suit. He sits on the couch with Lana and makes a skeptical comment about how Kryptonians never celebrate birthdays as humans do. Martha, John, and Lana notice something's wrong with Superman's attitude.

Jimmy arrives at The Project's Wild Area and meets with The Guardian. Jimmy explains he's looking for information about his father, who was involved with Cadmus when he vanished.

Meanwhile, Lobo and Raof arrive at Metropolis. Lobo sees Bibbo wearing a t-shirt with the inscription "Superman's Pal" and assumes he knows where to find the Kryptonian. Lobo enters the bar and threatens Bibbo to tell him about Superman. The three of them fly away, and Lobo follows Superman's smell to the Antarctic.

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