"Toys": The Toyman torments the three children he has kidnapped in his secret lair.

Superman (Volume 2) #84 is an issue of the series Superman (Volume 2) with a cover date of December, 1993.

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Synopsis for "Toys"

The Toyman torments the three children he has kidnapped in his secret lair.

Off the Florida coast Superman is a helping out pull a massive tanker back to sea after having run aground. After anchoring beneath the sea, he spots an old sunken Spanish galleon complete with sunken treasure. He gathers up the treasure chest promising to drop it off at the proper authorities so that it can make it into a museum.

Arriving back at Lois's apartment, he picks her up and takes her to Paris for a dinner date. Meanwhile at a halloween party that Cat Grant, her son and Jimmy Olsen are attending, the Toyman disguised in a dinosaur costume is able to kidnap his fourth victim, Adam Grant! After conducting a quick search, Cat and Jimmy are unable to find him and call the police.

In the Toyman's lair, the Toyman rants and raves about how new electronic technology has made his old fashioned toys obsolete, which is what got him fired. Adam asks to go home, but the Toyman just tells him to play with the other kids and leaves. Adam tries to release the kids from a jail cell. Just as he succeeds, the Toyman returns, struggles with Adam, pulls a knife and...

At the Daily Planet Cat Grant sits with Jimmy Olsen awaiting news. A detective and a priest show up to give her the bad news. A kid's body was found in Suicide Slum. They take her to the morgue to identify the body. It is Adam Grant.

When Lois and Clark return to the Daily Planet from Paris the next day, Jimmy tells them the bad news. They feel crushed and guilty that they weren't around to help.


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