"Mindscape": Superman is confronted by a series of hallucinations:

Superman (Volume 2) #96 is an issue of the series Superman (Volume 2) with a cover date of January, 1995.

Synopsis for "Mindscape"

Superman is confronted by a series of hallucinations:

Pa Kent appears and tries to convince our Supes that Superman is dead, and he is not in fact Superman. Batman appears and--declaring himself a detective--informs Supes that Superman is dead, and that Supes himself is really just an out of work actor. Members of the public see Superman talking to what appears to be thin air (his hallucinations), and think that this Superman must be an imposter. Superman attempts to prove to everyone that he is himself by using his powers; they do not seem to work.

Pa Kent attacks Superman with a "heat ray" after denying that Superman came from another planet, claiming instead that all of Clark's powers came from him (Pa). A new costumed hero, Skyboy, appears, claiming to be Supes' partner--before he died. Superman tries to rescue skyboy from a trap, but in real life Metropolis, he is really destroying the city. An air strike is called for. Lois tries to reason with him. Superman thinks its the Silver Banshee. Other heroes appear in a confusing series of visions. Superman is confused. A scientist creates a neural neutralizer to help Superman regain his equanimity, and with a burst of self awareness, breaks free of the hallucinations. One of the superhero hallucinations is revealed to be...Brainiac!!!!!

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printed on low quality newsprint like paper. Ads include Clearsil, Sega CD and Game Boy NBA Jam, and Oreo themed for "The Pagemaster", a movie from the time. Superman's hair is mullet inspired.

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