"Flying Blind": Superman stands in a military base watching a star map showing where Krypton used to be before its destruction. He is concerned about the fact that an apparently alien fire-creature uttered the name of his home-planet during their last encounter, before

Quote1.png What the hell? That creature's right in Superman's path! And Superman isn't even fighting! It's almost as if-- Superman can't see him! Quote2.png
Lois Lane

Superman (Volume 3) #2 is an issue of the series Superman (Volume 3) with a cover date of December, 2011.

Synopsis for "Flying Blind"

Superman stands in a military base watching a star map showing where Krypton used to be before its destruction. He is concerned about the fact that an apparently alien fire-creature uttered the name of his home-planet during their last encounter, before it disappeared.

General Lane appears, and delivers the record of all recent alien activity on Earth that Superman asked for, so that he could figure out where the fire-being came from. However, the record reveals nothing about the fire-being, and General Lane claims that the fire-being must be either very old or man-made. Superman is confused by this, given the creature's mention of Krypton. The general believes that Superman attracts enemies like this to Metropolis, and the collateral damage of his encounters with them is too high a cost.

Earlier, Clark had been helping Lois Lane move in to her new office. Lois told Clark that she would miss her old job as a reporter, and mentioned that Clark had kept her at the top of her game by being a worthy competitor. She hoped aloud that with her gone, Clark would find someone that can keep him at the top of his own game, and suggested that he date Heather Kelley, another up-and-coming reporter. Clark told Lois that he hoped he hadn't caused a bad impression when he stopped by her apartment before, but Lois was unconcerned and tells him that her friend was glad to have had the chance to finally meet him. He even suggested that they should double-date next time he is in Metropolis. Feeling flustered, Clark left Lois's office, but not before Lois added that she is his friend and that he can count on her for anything.

Outside Lois' office, Clark ran into Cat Grant, who reminded him that Perry White had been trying to call him. Apparently, a homeless man was holed up in the Metropolis subway system and holding up reconstruction after one of Superman's recent battles in the area. Though Cat suggested that Clark should do a story about it, Clark declined, saying that he had something else to do.

Superman tells General Lane that Lois was a reporter and he was her headline, but that has changed now. However, General Lane is unconvinced, replying that as long as Superman is in Metropolis, Lois and everyone else will always be in danger.

Meanwhile, a pair of police officers scour the subway station to find the homeless man who has been causing trouble for the construction workers. When he catches site of them, though, he bolts, and as the he makes his escape, his eyes begin to glow red.

Superman flies across town and suddenly hears some people talking about some kind of creature coming straight for him. Before he can react, he is thrown backwards by an invisible assailant. Superman tries to use his X-ray vision and super-hearing to find the enemy, but to him alone, it appears to be imperceptible. The creature's attacks send Superman straight through a blimp full of tourists, and as Superman attempts to save them, he runs straight into the attacker.

As Jimmy Olsen and his partner Miko record everything from a chopper, they contact Lois, who soon realizes that Superman can't see what he's fighting, but they can. Cleverly, Lois commands Jimmy to keep his camera trained on the monster, and then links the feed up with live broadcasts on every screen in the city. Superman catches on, and manages to land a heavy punch, buying him the time he needs to rescue the blimp.

After setting the blimp down safely, Superman throws the monster into a nearby electronics shop. Using TV screens to his advantage, Superman defeats the monster. However, the monster turns to him and utters the word 'Krypton' in its alien language, before suddenly disappearing

Later, at the Fortress of Solitude, Superman records everything that happened that day in his journal. He is interrupted by a phone call from Lois's cellphone to Clark's voicemail, and he plays it through. In the message, Lois says that Clark can always trust her, advising him not to let himself be dominated by solitude.

Meanwhile, in a hospital, the homeless man visits Michael McLauchlin, the only survivor from the fire-being's attack. He fell into a coma, despite remaining entirely uninjured. As the homeless man walks approaches McLauchlin, he awakes from his coma and his eyes glow red. The homeless man, eyes also glowing red, says the word "Krypton."

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