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"The One Who Fell, Part One": Superman writes a journal for Jon to read. In the journal, he tells his son that Superman has led an eventful life that he's grateful for, a life full of discoveries and adventures on many worlds, and now, Superman writes this entry on the journal in response to som

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Superman (Volume 5) #30 is an issue of the series Superman (Volume 5) with a cover date of June, 2021. It was published on April 13, 2021.

Synopsis for "The One Who Fell, Part One"

Superman writes a journal for Jon to read. In the journal, he tells his son that Superman has led an eventful life that he's grateful for, a life full of discoveries and adventures on many worlds, and now, Superman writes this entry on the journal in response to something Jon said to him recently. In this entry, Superman will tell his son a story about a particular adventure they shared before he had left Earth, for what was possibly the last time...

The Kents were having the perfect day, playing on a mini-golf course in Metropolis. Lois complained that Clark and Jon were beating and constantly asked for handicaps to make things even. Clark, on the other hand, was having a lot of fun, until his super-hearing picks up a small whisper that asked for his return and that "it's not the end." Clark looks around the mini-golf course to see who had said this but no one seemed suspicious, and then he realizes that the call came from very far away. Jon tells his father that they should hurry and address the call. Clark doesn't want to end his perfect day with his family, but Lois tells him that the day will be perfect when they return.

As Superman and Superboy fly across space, Superman remembers how difficult and interesting Jon's life has been both for Jon himself and his parents and has faith that Jon will accomplish things Superman never could. Father and son reach their destination: a planet called Thakkram. Superman advises Superboy to be careful with the locals' language, as its words have more than one meaning. The one who called Superman to Thakkram is called Qarath O Daanim, ruler of the Tahkkramites. Daanim isn't the type to call, however, so Superman believes something's wrong.

Suddenly, a volley of missiles approaches father and son, who quickly destroy them with their heat vision. Superman and Superboy are met by an army of Thakkramite warriors, but Superman stops their advance with a punch that shatters the ground. He speaks their language and says that he and son mean them no harm. The Thakkramites are unconvinced, but one of them recognizes Superman. He is Faldr Poornym, a friend of Superman and a scientist to his people. Faldr recognizes Superman as Kal-El and Superboy as his son and asks why have they come to Thakkram. Superman says that Qarath O Daanim called him with an old communicator Superman had left behind, but Faldr believes such a thing is impossible, as Qarath O Daanim is dead.

The people of Thakkram mourn the passing of Qarath O Daanim, who, alongside Superman and Faldr, defeated a mysterious creature that fell from the sky and thretened their world. According to Superman, this creature was a hive-mind parasite that could consume light and heat like a black hole and Faldr called it the "Shadowbreed". To stop the Shadowbreed, Faldr designed a radiation bomb that emitted a spectrum of heat that the Shadowbreed couldn't consume or tolerate.

Superman joined forces with Faldr and Qarath O Daanim joined forces to defeat the Shadowbreed. Before this battle, Qarath of Danim was an exile, but after the Shadowbreed was defeated, he became ruler of Thakkram, a place where strength is valued above all else. The new king of Thakkram is Qarath O Bakkis, Qarath O Danim's son. Jon notices that Qarath O Bakkis doesn't seem that upset that his father is gone but Superman explains that Thakkramites experience completely different emotions from humans. Thakkramites don't think about concepts like love, affection and pride in the same way humans do. Parents and children see each other almost like rivals. Jon believes Qarath O Bakkis to be afraid of something, however.

Qarath O Bakkis thanks Superman for coming to his father's funeral and Superman asks what exactly did Qarath O Daanim meant with his call for help or why did he summon Superman to Thakkram. Faldr explains that Qarath O Daanim lost Superman's communicator many seasons ago and Qarath O Daanim's heart failed before Superman's message came. The call did not come from Thakkram. Superman believes the time has come for him and his son to leave, but thanks his old friends for their hospitality.

Superman takes Superboy to the old canyon where the Shadowbreed was defeated, explaining that he gave Qarath O Daanim a communicator in case he needed his help because the Shadowbreed seemed like a huge threat. Father and son reach the deepest chasm of the canyon and discover the Shadowbreed's corpse. Superboy finds his father's old communicator and some kind of device built from the same technology Faldr used to build his radiation bomb, but this device looks like a cage. Superman realizes something is wrong and tells Superboy they must find Faldr now.

Meanwhile, Faldr asks a Thakkramite storyteller to tell him again the story of how the three champions defeated the Shadowbreed. The storyteller is confused by such a request, as Faldr should know that story better than anyone. Suddenly, Faldr's companion grab the storyteller and Faldr infects him with the tendrils of the Shadowbreed.

As Superman writes his journal entry, he realizes that Qarath O Daanim did not mean "it's not the end", but rather "it's not dead." The Shadowbreed still lives.

Appearing in "The One Who Fell, Part One"

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  • Shadowbreed (Flashback and main story)
    • Faldr Poornym (Possessed) (Flashback and main story)
    • Qarath O Bakkis (Possessed)
    • Storyteller (Possessed)

Other Characters:

  • Lois Lane
  • Qarath O Daanim (Mentioned only) (Flashback only)
  • The One Who Fell (Appears only as a corpse)



  • Radiation Bomb

Synopsis for "Tales of Metropolis: Ambush Bug"

Appearing in "Tales of Metropolis: Ambush Bug"

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  • Deadstream
  • Projectress
    • Dolores (Mentioned only)

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