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""Last Imp Standing!"": The story starts in typical Silver Age comics series World's Finest-style with Superman, Batman and Robin handing over the supervillain team of Lex Luthor and the Joker to the authorities. Bat-Mite and Mxyzptlk appear simultaneously, the former to see his hero, Batman, in

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Mister Mxyzptlk

Superman and Batman: World's Funnest is a one-shot with a cover date of January, 2001. It was published on November 1, 2000.

Synopsis for "Last Imp Standing!"

The story starts in typical Silver Age comics series World's Finest-style with Superman, Batman and Robin handing over the supervillain team of Lex Luthor and the Joker to the authorities. Bat-Mite and Mxyzptlk appear simultaneously, the former to see his hero, Batman, in action, and the latter to torment Superman. As the two imps clash, Superman, Batman, Robin, Luthor, and the Joker are killed, as are all the other heroes who come to their aid (including Batwoman, Bat-Girl and Supergirl, the Justice League of America, the Legion of Super-Pets, the Legion of Super-Heroes and the Spectre). Their fight eventually consumes the Earth, the universe and even the Phantom Zone.

As all of that reality has been destroyed, Bat-Mite flees to Earth-Two pursued by Mxyzptlk. Earth-Two is in turn destroyed. The rest of the book follows the formula of each new world they encounter being destroyed in the battle between the two imps, Bat-Mite fleeing and Mxyzptlk pursuing to another world/universe which is then destroyed. In the process they generally mock the characters/comics they encounter, often breaking the fourth wall and lampooning how seriously people "inside" comics take themselves, given the often unbelievable or silly circumstances they encounter.

Ultimately, having worked their way through to the Kingdom Come universe, Mxyzptlk simply throws a "magic bomb" at Bat-Mite who deflects it back with the helmet of Kingdom Come's Flash (the only thing that survived). Both are completely exhausted and begin to laugh, admitting that the whole thing has been a lot of fun. They reset reality to the Silver Age beginning, vowing to meet again "next Tuesday". The impression is given that the preceding events are a part of a common recreational activity among magical imps.

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