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In the future, two scientists on a dying planet send their son to Earth so he can grow up to be like Superman. The child is found by two farmers in Smallville, who dutifully murder it with a shotgun.

Quote1 Red sun, magic war, it could be raining Kryptonite, I don't care. Next time you need my help, you let me know. Quote2
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Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes is a Superman storyline written by Geoff Johns with illustrations by Gary Frank. It was published in Action Comics between Escape from Bizarro World and Brainiac. The story is a follow-up to Johns' Lightning Saga arc, which reintroduced the original Legion of Super-Heroes to mainstream continuity. This is followed by the Legion's next appearance in the Final Crisis crossover Legion of 3 Worlds.


In the future, two scientists on a dying planet send their son to Earth so he can grow up to be like Superman. The child is found by two farmers in Smallville, who dutifully murder it with a shotgun.

Back in the present, Perry White expresses concern that Clark Kent has no friends other than Jimmy Olsen. Clark is pretending to listen until his super-hearing detects a new crisis. Clark becomes Superman to deal with a Brainiac Probe attacking, but it's revealed that this was a probe sent through time by Brainiac 5. Brainiac 5 unblocks Superman's suppressed memories of the Legion. Clark remembers the Legion from his youth, wondering why he has not seen them since the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Brainiac insists that the Legion of Super-Heroes need him in the 31st Century, and provides a Time Sphere.

Traveling to the future, Superman finds the Legion Clubhouse is empty and in ruins. Brainiac is nowhere to be seen. Superman is found by a squad of the Science Police that wants to shoot him. They are stopped by Colossal Boy, Dawnstar, and Wildfire. They're shocked and worried to see Superman in the future, and explain they haven't seen Brainiac 5 in six months. The group is attacked by the Science Police, who believe Superman is an impostor and seeing him side with the Legion is "blasphemy." The Legionnaires retreat, and Superman learns that he is powerless because Earth now has a red sun.[1]

Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad, and Saturn Girl dig up the old Batcave looking for evidence of Krypton. They are attacked and captured by the Justice League of Earth, whose members include Legion rejects Earth-Man, Golden Boy, Radiation Roy, Spider-Girl, Storm Boy, and Tusker.

Meanwhile, the Legionnaires explain to Superman that Earth has become violently xenophobic, and seceded from the United Planets. Earth-Man spread a lie that Superman was human and hated aliens. Eyeful Ethel helps indoctrinate the people posing as a historian. Superman became a symbol for Earth Man's regime, pushing the universe close to a race-war. This has forced most Legionnaires to flee or go into hiding. They voted to never contact Superman again, as it was too dangerous to bring him back to the future.

Dawnstar leads their group to track down Brainiac 5 in a holding camp, as he's the only one smart enough to figure out a plan.[2] Earth-Man realizes Superman has returned, and the Justice League decide they must kill Superman to preserve their legacy. Superman and the Legionnaires attack the holding camp, releasing every prisoner including Polar Boy. Dawnstar learns that Brainiac 5 has teleported to Colu, and they retreat to the underground Legion Clubhouse.

They meet up with Lightning Lass, Night Girl, Shadow Lass, and Timber Wolf as part of the resistance movement. The clubhouse is attacked by the Justice League, who finally figured out their location using Saturn Girl's telepathy. Superman and the group barely escape through a warp-gate to Colu, where they learns that Brainiac 5 is now their dictator.[3]

Brainiac 5 announces that he will execute the Legionnaires. When his guards leave the room, he reveals that this is simply an act. The United Planets intend to destroy Earth when Colu has finished their attack plans, and Brainiac 5 took over Colu to slow them down. He also reveals Chameleon Girl is his spy against the Justice League.

On Earth, Yera learns that Sun Boy is being used to turn the universe's suns red. Earth-Man catches her before she can release Sun Boy and beats her down viciously. The Justice League anonymously tip Colu off to Brainiac 5's betrayal, and he is forced to flee Colu with his teammates.[4]

Traveling back to Earth, Superman suggests that they call in the Legion of Substitute-Heroes. Chlorophyll Kid, Fire Lad, Rainbow Girl, and Stone Boy come up with a plan to keep the League busy: they crash a school bus through the window of Justice League headquarters. They hold their own against the rest of the League while Earth-Man is distracted.

Superman, Colossal Boy and Brainiac 5 make it to Earth-Man's inner sanctum. Brainiac 5 finds the tablet used to prove Superman was a human, and notes that even though its contents are false, it is an authentic relic. They try to release Sun Boy and the other Legionnaires, but Earth-Man arrives and takes down Colossal Boy. Earth-Man delivers a beating to the powerless Superman, until Superman uses his Flight Ring to push Earth-Man out into space.[5]

Superman and Earth-Man duel while falling back to Earth, and Earth-Man crushes Superman's ring to splatter him on the sidewalk of Metropolis. Though Sun Boy is released and the sun returns to normal. Superman gets his powers back in time to stop the fall. Superman convinces the public that he is the real deal, and adamantly condemns Earth-Man's racist behavior. The Legion work together and defeat Earth-Man, although he has all of their powers. Superman and his fellow Legionnaires fly into space and convince the attacking U.P. ships to stand down.

In the aftermath, the Legion rebuilds although Earth and the U.P. are still hostile to them. The Justice League is sent to Takron-Galtos. Superman is returned to his time, and he tells the Legion they can always count on him for help.[6]

Batman visits Superman in the Fortress of Solitude, where Lightning Lad is also hanging out. Batman distrusts the Legion since Lightning Saga, and he discusses the three different Legions they've met. He also reveals that the corpses of two Legionnaires have been found in Gotham City. Jim Gordon shows them the bodies of Karate Kid and Una, who died during Countdown.

It is revealed that Time Trapper is manipulating events behind the scenes. Time Trapper declares that if he cannot erase Superman from history, he will corrupt everything he ever stood for.[7]



This storyline establishes several past events. These happened between the Crisis on Infinite Earths and Lightning Saga, in the many years where Superman was out of touch with the Legion.

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