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Long ago in a distant universe, a special and unique lifeform was born with insatiable curiosity, the only thing keeping it distracted from its constant loneliness. In attempt to satiate its curiosity, the creature made its way to our universe and placed a name unto itself: "Numen."

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Superman vs. Lobo #1 is an issue of the series Superman vs. Lobo (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2021. It was published on August 24, 2021.

Synopsis for the 1st Story

Long ago in a distant universe, a special and unique lifeform was born with insatiable curiosity, the only thing keeping it distracted from its constant loneliness. In attempt to satiate its curiosity, the creature made its way to our universe and placed a name unto itself: "Numen."

In the present, at the Daily Planet, Clark complains to Perry having to modify his new article and include at least one perspective that gives Lex Luthor the benefit of the doubt. Clark accuses Lex of lying, as he is known to do, and his new social media platform blocks any criticisms directed towards him; but Perry replies that, unfortunately, they live in a world where truth has become relative. Journalists don't get to decide what the truth is; it's up to the people to determine the truth for themselves.

Clark goes to the supply room to vent some frustrations until he gets a telepathic message from Martian Manhunter, who informs him that a space station built by Kord Industries and S.T.A.R. Labs has become damaged by some unforeseen phenomenon and now, the crew is danger. Superman flies off to address the emergency.

Meanwhile, at the resort planet Telk, a mysterious green-haired woman disrupts a drug deal, causing the frustrated drug dealers to shoot them, but the woman uses her technology to teleport away from the shots and pesters the people around the place with questions about their lifestyles, considering her action as scientific research. Suddenly, a tremor hits the hotel where infamous bounty hunter Lobo is relaxing at and he goes to investigate. What he finds is a large creature wrecking the building apart. Lobo goes on the warpath and drews blood from the creature, who defends itself and throws Lobo several feet into the ground. The green-haired woman, having identified Lobo as a Czarnian, watches the battle from a safe distance.

Superman has already repaired the space station and captured the man responsible for sabotaging it; however, the station's computers detect trouble in planet Telk. One of the scientists believe that the station's portals could, in theory, transport Superman to Telk, but the portal is still a prototype, so Superman volunteers to be the first test subject.

Back in Telk, the green-haired woman identifies itself as Dr. Semedea Flik, a specialist in biology. However, her real expertise lies in single survivors of extinct species, like Lobo. She is even aware that he wiped out his entire species. Before the conversation can go any further, however, the creature inadvertently damages the gigantic ferris wheel Telk is known for. Fortunately, Superman arrives just in time to place the ferris wheel in a safe location. He attempts to reason with the creature, believing that its attacks are motivated by fear rather than aggresion; unfortunately, Lobo jams a large piece of metal into one of the creature's orifices, causing it great pain.

As the creature disappears from plain sight, Superman is disgusted by Lobo's actions and blasts him with his heat vision at point-blank range, knocking him out. As Lobo awakens, Dr. Flik tells him that all of Telk is celebrating Superman for his heroism and Lobo is not being mentioned at all. Feeling robbed of the fame and glory that he feels he deserves, Lobo forcibly recruits Dr. Flik into a new mission: ruining Superman's reputation.

Sometime later, in Metropolis, Lex's new app has been filled with anti-Superman sentiments from people who criticize Superman for even the smallest of things, like not asking if people are afraid of heights when they're about to be saved. Even a woman that Superman saved from a mutated Jimmy has joined the anti-Superman movement. The Daily Planet takes notice of this and Lois decides to find out what's happening. Clark, however, remembers Perry words about things having two different sides and believes that people criticizing Superman may bring up valid points. Besides, most people in Metropolis appreciate what Superman does and Superman himself can take a little criticism. Clark prefers to focus on Winslow Schott's upcoming trial and beliefs that the anti-Superman sentiments will blow over, given enough time.

Meanwhile, at a secret location, Lobo has been using an army of robots to impersonate Metropolitan citizens and fuel anti-Superman propaganda, with the help of Dr. Flik, who uses this as an opportunity to observe the mutual behavior of two survivors of extinct species. Dr. Flik asks Lobo how does feel about about Superman and Lobo replies that people praise Superman for using his brains to solve problems even though he is considered the strongest man in the universe and simultaneously criticize Lobo for punching first and asking questions later, when in fact, Lobo is smarter than people give him credit for. In fact, Lobo is so smart he engineered the destruction of his entire homeworld.

The day for Schott's trial arrives and Schott's lawyer advises him to plead for innocence and to avoid displaying childish behavior, but Schott simply can't help himself and says that the children he kidnapped were more mature than the people judging him right now. Unfortunately, what everyone except Superman fails to realize, is that Toyman infected everyone's smartphones with a virus that transforms the devices into robots that attack people on the scene. Superman stops the robots and during the commotion, he realizes that one of the bystanders is actually one of Lobo's robots spewing out anti-Superman criticism.

Superman recognizes Dr. Flik from Telk and asks for her help in finding Lobo. Sure enough, they fly to Lobo's hideout and Lobo happily admits to being behind this entire scheme and the worst part is that Superman can't do nothing to stop the trend. Fortunately, Lois and Jimmy have caught up to Lobo's game and started using it against him by starting an anti-Lobo trend with the help of footage captured by Batman. Lobo, angry that his own plan is being turned against him, threatens to kill Lois but Superman punches him square in the face. Superman wants Lobo to leave Earth, lest the Green Lanterns will take him into custody, but Lobo gloats that people of Earth listen to him over their most devoted protector and that has to hurt Superman more than all the Kryptonite in the universe.

Unfortunately, all of Lobo's robots are affected by Toyman's virus and go on a rampage, forcing Superman and Lobo to destroy them and prevent a global catastrophe. Superman takes control of Lobo's broadcasting system and tells the people of the world to promote love, compassion and understanding instead of hatred, which causes the robots to go passive. Suddenly, the completely disappear from the face of the Earth and a disembodied voice speaks to Superman. It is the voice of Numen, the creature that had attacked Telk a few days ago.

Numen explains that, in his transition from his world to this one, he lost a huge portion of his sapience, reducing him to little more than a rampaging monster; but Superman and Lobo's actions allowed him to regain control and is now grateful at his unlikely saviors. Much like Superman and Lobo, Numen is the last son of his world and, as a parting gift, he wishes to return Superman and Lobo to their respective worlds. Unfortunately, he confuses their respective homeworlds and inadvertently teleports Superman to Czarnia and Lobo to Krypton.

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  • The scene where Jimmy Olsen is a giant is a reference to Turtle Man.

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