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The Supermen of America were a team of young heroes funded by Lex Luthor.


Lex Luthor united the youth of Metropolis after the death of singer Junior K.D due to gang violence. Several super-powered members joined forces under Luthor's employ as the Supermen of America. He was able to gather Pyrogen, White Lotus, Outburst, Brahma, Loser and Psilencer.

During one of the group's first missions, Psilencer was killed. The team was shaken by Psilencer's untimely death and reconsidered their vocation. It was around this time that the team met and recruited Maximum. The team was later commissioned by Luthor in acquiring a capsule created by S.T.A.R. Labs that is inside a special holding chamber called Lockdown 6 in the waters near Metropolis. However, they were rebuffed by Deep Six, who were sent by Darkseid whom have interest in the capsule. The situation was further exacerbated in which the Warlords of Okaara sensed the danger presented by the capsule, and take preventative measures by 'cleansing' Earth. White Lotus, a young meta trained by the Warlords of Okaara, hurriedly negotiate a peace settlement as the Supermen, deciding to save Earth from worse attacks, opened Lockdown 6 and unleashing the Unimaginable. The Unimaginable's energy form possesses Maximum and he temporarily gains immense power. Maximum's parents eventually convinced him to relinquish the power, which he disperses safely. In exchange for the Supermen's silence about his involvement with the Unimaginable fiasco, Lexcorp cuts its ties with the Supermen of America charities. Luthor signs all property deeds over to the organization, including their base Outreach 1.

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