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The Supermen of the Multiverse were assembled in order to fight against the monstrous Mandrakk during the Final Crisis.


Following the death of Mandrakk I, Superman of New Earth was confronted by Mandrakk's ally Monitor Rox Ogama, who assumed the mantle of Mandrakk the Dark Monitor and vowed to destroy Superman when he was at his weakest. Knowing that he would need help, Superman asked Captain Marvel of Earth-5 to assemble the Supermen of all fifty two universes, as they were the only ones who could help him. Using Monitor Zillo Valla's bleedship, Captain Marvel began his task.

Mandrakk's attack came sooner than Superman anticipated: mere moments after he returned to New Earth, Superman received a temporal S.O.S. from the Legion of Super-Heroes. Seconds after he traveled to the future, Darkseid unleashed the Anti-Life Equation upon Earth, bringing billions under his control dragging Earth and the multiverse into a black hole. Superman returned with knowledge of the Miracle Machine and was able to defeat Darkseid, but by the time the Miracle Machine was ready, Earth entered the hole where Mandrakk dwelled. Superman used the solar energy he had in his body to power the Miracle Machine, which heralded the arrival of the Supermen of the Multiverse. They were soon reinforced by Monitor Nix Uotan, the Zoo Crew, the Pax Dei, and the Green Lantern Corps. The Supermen used their heat vision to critically injury Mandrakk, and the Green Lanterns under Hal Jordan then impaled Mandrakk with a green energy stake. The Supermen then helped pull Earth out of the black hole with the assistance of the Green Lanterns, and they then returned to their own universes.



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