The Surgeon was a member of the G-7 Authority.

A 21st century alchemist, the Surgeon was handpicked from his French government to be a part of the new G-7 controlled Authority and filling the team's analogue to the Doctor by stealing Jeroen Thornedike's powers, and have him turn into a doll in which the Surgeon derogatorily used to scrub out stains from his underpants. Though possessing the title and power of the Doctor, the Surgeon was never fully accepted by the collective consciousness of the previous Doctors, nor did he want to be, because he brought in contractors to the area where the former Doctors met. Said invaders bulldozed ancient shrines and shot at and/or killed the entities found there. The Surgeon even supervised "Religimon," an entity designed to be a new corporate religion. The Surgeon was eventually killed by Midnighter. With the death of the Surgeon, Jeroen regained his powers, the land developers and soldiers that were present in the Garden were "converted to whichever faiths they were attempting to demolish" by the previous Doctors of the Garden.


Powers of the Doctor which he has stolen from Jeroen Thornedike


Though possessing the power of The Doctor, The Surgeon is physically weak and incapable in hand-to-hand combat.



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