Susan Kent was born the daughter of police officer. As an adult, she became romantically involved with inventor Jim Barr, and soon discovered that he was also the costumed hero known as Bulletman. Barr created a second Gravity Regulator Helmet and gave it to Susan whereupon she became his sidekick Bulletgirl. Susan and Jim were soon married and they shared in many adventures together throughout the 1940s.

Bulletman and Bulletgirl were members of the All-Star Squadron a team of heroes set up during the 1940s. The couple were involved in many battles during World War II , and in that time they met the current Green Lantern of sector 2814 Abin Sur.

James Barr and Susan Kent-Barr had a daughter together named Deanna Barr. Deanna like her parents used the Gravity Regulator Helmet and operated briefly under the name Windshear. Deanna worked with her father on his last outing to rescue the depowered Marvel Family from the villain Chain Lightning.


  • Gravity Regulator Helmet: Bulletman and Bulletgirl wore cone-shaped anti-gravity helmets, which provided them with the following abilties:
    • Flight: The helmets enabled Bulletman and Bulletgirl to defy gravity, and were capable of directional flight at super-sonic velocities.
    • Deflection: The helmets created invisible electromagnetic fields, which prevented approaching obstacles from striking Bulletman or Bulletgirl while in flight.



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