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Susan Williams was a reporter for Channel 52 News.

She reported that Mayor Oliver Queen was asleep at the wheel of his administration.[1]

Behind the scenes, she was gathering information with an associate to prove that Oliver was the Green Arrow, with picture evidence of a vigilante named the Archer working in Russia along with a picture of Oliver Queen in Russia when he was supposed to be shipwrecked.[2]

Susan and Oliver started dating, but their relationship came to an end when Thea Queen, with the help of Felicity Smoak, leaked evidence that Susan's stories were all plagiarized, destroying her credibility. Thea did this to protect Oliver and his secret identity, as Susan could no longer come forward with the story that Oliver was the Green Arrow.[3]

Susan became a blogger, and again became hostile to Mayor Queen and his administration. Oliver, missing his relationship with Susan, made Thea and Felicity take back the plagiarism accusations, and Susan and Oliver got back together.[4]

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