Rush was a Canadian member of the G-7 Authority.

Suzette Ledbedder was chosen to represent the Canadian government's interests in the G-7 Authority. At her father's behest, Suzette abandoned her life as a celebrated singer and songwriter and underwent surgery that gave her a functioning pair of wings. Codenamed Rush, Ledbedder took very little pleasure in her job. Rush frequently defended herself from the Colonel's constant sexual advances, verbal abuse and occasionally hidden, physical abuse. As the designated pilot for the Carrier, she became painfully aware of the ship's unhappiness with its new occupants. Midnighter, in a fit of vengeance, literally nailed her to the wall.


  • Flight: Rush was able to fly using wings granted through augmentation.


  • Aviation: Rush was capable of flying the Carrier despite the Carrier's sullen attitude to her new crew.

  • Rush was a lesbian.[1]
  • It was implied that she was in a relationship with teammate Machine.
  • Rush's favorite thing was a record of The Reluctant Dragon read by Boris Karloff.[2]
  • Rush took the augmentation to please her father.[2]



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