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Suzie Lamar is one of Simon Dark's familiars.

Suzie Lamar is a lady from the American South who was forcibly transformed into a familiar by a sorcerer. She was summoned by the thing possessing Dall Moss and found herself unable to overpower him despite disliking him. When Simon Dark and Tom Kirk attacked the Moss Estate to bring an end to Geo Populus the old Southerner gladly joined them.


  • Metamorphosis: While Suzie's base form as a familiar has remained a large tentacled monster she can shapeshift into whatever she pleases, and has transformed into a slug and cat to be more inconspicuous.
  • Monstrous Appearance: Susie can change her appearance but her human body was forcibly transformed into a tentacled blob with a large mouth full of razor sharp teeth.
  • Psychic Link: As Suzie's inhuman form cannot communicate with spoken language she uses a mild form of telepathy to communicate, though her ability to connect with others is very limited and Simon Dark has acted as an intermediary to form mental links between Suzie and Simon's friends and allies.
  • Regeneration: While losing her limbs hurts a bit she can regrow them within seconds.