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Suzy Fury was a former superhero who retired to Tranquility, a town full of maxis.

A former actress, pin-up model and super-heroine, Suzy Fury was the Liberty Squad's "secretary" under the Maxi name Pink Bunny. At some point in the past she married Judge Fury, and resides with him in Tranquility, where she runs a restaurant known as the Chick 'N' Go. She employs Leona Terrell as a waitress, and considers her to be like a daughter.

Her only known Maxi power is that of enhanced strength (it has been claimed that she can throw a tank), though she may have some sort of attraction-based power, given the theme of her Maxi persona. Suzy was apparently given her powers in a super-soldier project headed by the O.S.U. This also created her arch rival: Rosario Munez, also known as "Hellkitten". Her rival caused Suzy to personally kill her after Hellkitten poisoned and blackmailed Suzy's friend Jimmy into killing her, in which he didn't and accepted his death.[1]

In the wake of Mr. Articulate's death, Suzy protected Collette Pearson from Alex Fury as he reveals to have been indirectly involved in Articulate's death and attempting to kill the news reporter for learning Tranquility's Fountain of Youth. Suzy scarred her husband's face and in return was brutally beaten. Fortunately she was able to call and warn Sheriff Tommy Lindo of Alex Fury.[2] Following Fury's arrest and Colonel Cragg's death, Suzy appears to have a difficult time without her husband.


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