The Swagman is an enemy of the Australian hero the Ranger and an agent of the Black Glove.

Swagman began his criminal career by taking a cue from the legendary Australian robber Ned Kelly, and wearing crude metal body armor. He routinely fought the Ranger.

Swagman was recruited by Dr. Hurt to be part of the Club of Villains.[1] Soon, he and Pierror Lunaire were sent to eliminate Robin, who managed to escape from them both.[2] Swagman managed to find Robin and he attacked the youngster with a rocket launcher. Robin survived the attack and knocked Swagman unconscious.[3] After recovering, Swagman followed Robin to a junk yard and managed to take his motorcycle from him, but Robin outsmarted him and stole Swagman's own motorcycle. Swagman and Lunaire returned to Hurt, defeated and empty handed and he told them to go out again and capture Robin by any means necessary.[4]

Swagman and Pierrot finally managed to corner Robin and were about to eliminate him when they were stopped by the Club of Heroes. Swagman was quickly attacked by Dark Ranger and knocked unconscious to be later delivered to the authorities.[5]




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