"Everything Eats, Everything Dies!": This story is reprinted from Swamp Thing Giant (Volume 2) #2.

Swamp Thing: New Roots #2 is a chapter in the digital-first series Swamp Thing: New Roots (Volume 1 (Digital)) with a cover date of May, 2020.

Synopsis for "Everything Eats, Everything Dies!"

This story is reprinted from Swamp Thing Giant (Volume 2) #2.

Swamp Thing while hiding in the bayou's waters, contemplates about life, but eventually gets caught up in a fishing hook. As he emerges, the fisher turns out to be his friend Guillaume Flaubert who almost suffers a heart attack. After recovering, he decides to head back and asks Alec to accompany him and his granddaughter Henriette for supper.

At his house, Guillaume apologizes for eating cobs in front of him, stating it must be horrifying for him. Alec however states that everything is meant to be eventually eaten by something. As his grandson Robert, a Sunderland guard, arrives, Alec tries to leave but is dissuaded by Guillaume who also tells his grandchildren to have a last laugh with him when he is about to die.

Swamp Thing recounts that he has been hunted over the past few days by Sunderland, who have engineered hybrid beasts to go after him. As a result, Alec took to hiding in order to evade them. During one night he hears Henriette in a boat calling out to him in the bayou and discovers that Guillaume has gone missing. As the two along with Robert try to find him, they soon come upon him.

Robert accidentally drives the boat forward which hits Guillaume, due to Henriette pushing him after being startled by his body. The two think they might have killed him but Alec states that he had already died some time before. Henriette and Robert laugh, explaining he would have wanted to die in a hilarious way. During Guillaume's funeral, Robert contacts his boss Sally and states that he can help her find Swamp Thing.

Appearing in "Everything Eats, Everything Dies!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Guillaume Flaubert (Only appearance; dies)
  • Henriette Flaubert (Single appearance)
  • Robert Flaubert (First appearance)


Other Characters:

  • Fatima the voodoo priestess (Mentioned only)


  • Terminus seeds (Mentioned only)



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