"Gods of the Abyss": This story is reprinted from Swamp Thing Giant (Volume 2) #3.

Swamp Thing: New Roots Vol 1 3 (Digital) is a chapter in the digital-first series Swamp Thing: New Roots (Volume 1 (Digital)) published in 2020.

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Synopsis for "Gods of the Abyss"

This story is reprinted from Swamp Thing Giant (Volume 2) #3.

Swamp Thing has become a tourism attraction while waging his war against Sunderland Corporation. One of the guards during an interview states that he knocked him out and burnt a Sunderland Foods farm. Sally Quaid is worried about the growing number of tourists and wants to capture Swamp Thing before others, sending Robert Flaubert to search for him. Phil meanwhile suggests spreading disinformation claiming he's unreal, which she approves.

Robert's team reaches Swamp Thing's hiding spot, but is easily subdued, though he spares them on account of Robert's dead grandfather Guillaume being a friend of Alec. He however warns him not to return, declaring that he's done hiding. Alec then goes to the Sunderland corporate headquarters and warns Sally to back off before destroying the building as a warning.

Robert goes to find Swamp Thing alone after being told by Sally to give him whatever he wants in return for ceasing his attacks, bur instead ends up being killed. Enraged, Alec destroys the mansion of Avery Sunderland, the CEO of Sunderland Corporation, but more dead bodies later turn up in the bayou and he suspects that Sunderland is trying to frame him for the murders.

Avery meanwhile is granted the government's assistance in taking Swamp Thing down, with General Pierce being sent in to deal with him. Alec on the other hand discovers that the people behind the murders are actually part of a cult which worships him as a god and killed the people as part of a sacrificial offering. The man leading them is Phil and they request to serve him.


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