"Strategic Outcomes": This story is reprinted from Swamp Thing Giant (Volume 2) #4.

Swamp Thing: New Roots Vol 1 4 (Digital) is a chapter in the digital-first series Swamp Thing: New Roots (Volume 1 (Digital)) published in 2020.

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Synopsis for "Strategic Outcomes"

This story is reprinted from Swamp Thing Giant (Volume 2) #4.

Military drones attack Swamp Thing after spotting him in the bayou, but he regenerates. The United States Army tries further tactics like using napalm and bioweapons, but all fail. Swamp Thing then flees to New Orleans and is attacked by American soldiers, who are unable to effectively engage him due to the presence of civilians. After being attacked with flamethrowers, he sets off the explosive and flamethrower cannisters in a military truck with his burning arm before escaping to Audubon Park.

Avery Sunderland meanwhile berates the American President, telling him to keep him posted regarding the mission to take down Swamp Thing and decides to head to the Pentagon when events do not go as planned. General Pierce tells his junior officer to abandon protecting civilian lives and Swamp Thing is warned that a nuclear strike has been ordered on him. Where the missile hits depends on where he'll be after the next thirty minutes. Swamp Thing then travels to an uninhabited island in the Gulf of Mexico where he is nuked ,with low chance of survival.

The entire battle with Swamp Thing is a simulation however and when Avery arrives to meet Pierce, the latter informs him that the price of taking down Swamp Thing will be too high. As a result, Pierce doesn't want to get the army involved and hands him the results of the computer simulation regarding the outcomes of the battle with Swamp Thing. Avery reminds him that he donated a lot of money to the President, but Pierce states sarcastically that he should donate more but until then they won't fight Swamp Thing.


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