"Toys on Parade": This story is reprinted from Swamp Thing Giant (Volume 2) #4.

Swamp Thing: New Roots #8 is a chapter in the digital-first series Swamp Thing: New Roots (Volume 1 (Digital)) with a cover date of June, 2020.

Appearing in "Toys on Parade"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Anna's father (Dies)

Other Characters:


  • General Penguin toy
  • Princess Giant toy


Synopsis for "Toys on Parade"

This story is reprinted from Swamp Thing Giant (Volume 2) #4.

Swamp Thing while following the fifolet spirit out of curiosity, comes upon a bunch of discarded toys. Though confused, he takes them out so no creature chokes on them, but discovers them becoming animated and walking to a house. There he discovers a girl named Anna who states that they need to start their tea party before her feather discovers them, after which he'll get mad.

As the toys decide to attack Anna's abusive father, Swamp Thing enters her house and assures her that he's there to help, stating people with magical powers like her need protection for a time. Anna's father however barges in, angry due to her toys, and shoots Alec after seeing him. Anna uses her powers to have Swamp Thing attack her father in anger, declaring he won't be mean to her or her friends ever again.

As Anna's father stumbles, he punctures his breathing cylinder and his falling cigarette thus causes an explosion. While he is burnt badly, Swamp Thing rescues his daughter. The toys start attacking Anna's father and Swamp Thing takes her away from her home, telling her not to look back. The two then see the fifolet spirit which Anna believes to be a shooting star, but is confused stating that they should fall down. Swamp Thing responds that they don't do so here in the bayou.

Appearing in "The Ghost Light"

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Synopsis for "The Ghost Light"

This story is reprinted from Swamp Thing Giant (Volume 2) #5.

Swamp Thing while searching for the mysterious fifolet spirit that's been guiding him for weeks, come across a barn which reminds him of Alec's tenth birthday when he got a new and expensive airplane. Alec's father had told him to be careful with it, but he broke the window of a new, though vacant, house while playing. The memory reminds him that the place is the same one where Alec and his wife died.

After spotting the fifolet again, he grows him a body t=so he can talk to him. The fifolet states that he used to be a thug who threatened people for money and planted a bomb in Alec Holland's lab to kill him. After expressing reservations about the murder, he was killed by his cohorts and dumped in the bayou. Now he's stuck in this spirit form and tries to help people. He then leads him to a heavily bleeding man who was fleeing and trying to get home.

Swamp Thing grows plant tissue to patch the bleeding man's wounds and grows new organs for him, but warns it won't last long. The man asks him to take him to a nearby village of the Houma tribe and states that the people after him might have let him go since he was old, figuring he won't rat on anyone, but he wanted to die in his home. The bloodhounds chasing after him catch up to them, but the fifolet scares them away.

As Swamp Thing brings the wounded man to his village, they find it deserted. The man regrets it but states it's a better death than he gave to another man forty years ago and requests the Swamp Thing bury him under his trees. Swamp Thing then tells the fifolet that he's not the man he killed, but if he were, he would have forgiven him. He however finds the spirit has escaped its body,.


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