The Swamp Thing wanders through the swamps and comes upon a patch of garbage and strewn debris. Amongst the refuse, he also finds a steel briefcase containing straps of hundred-dollar bills.Treasure is an episode of season 1 of Swamp Thing. It premiered on October 26, 1990.

Synopsis for "Treasure"

The Swamp Thing wanders through the swamps and comes upon a patch of garbage and strewn debris. Amongst the refuse, he also finds a steel briefcase containing straps of hundred-dollar bills.

At the Langford Home, Jim Kipp is fixing his bicycle when he finds a man approaching the house. The man introduces himself as Buckholdt "Bucky". Bucky tells Jim that he was born in this house, but his mother threw him out when he was seventeen because she "couldn't stand my lying ways". Jim learns that Bucky's mother was Savanna Langford, his grandmother. Jim informs Bucky that Mrs. Langford has passed away.[1] Bucky begins suffering from severe stomach pain, and Jim brings him inside the house.

Meanwhile, a well-dressed woman named Eleanor goes down to the boathouse. She speaks with Oboe Hardison and asks him about a man carrying an aluminum valise. Oboe doesn't know anything about it.

Back at the house, Jim goes to check on Bucky and finds him collapsed on the floor in the upstairs bedroom. Bucky awakens, but he is very weak. He rambles on about someone name Eleanor, indicating that she is a "killer", and that killers are very hard to make happy. He further indicates that he is dying of a congenital heart condition. He stole a large sum of money and promised it to Eleanor, but ultimately decided not to give it to her. Eleanor is hunting for him and the money and is willing to kill to get it.

Worried, Jim runs off into the swamp to find the Swamp Thing in the hopes that the creature can help Bucky. Swamp Thing is concerned over the risk of someone seeing him. Jim and the Swamp Thing return to the house. Jim calls out for his mother, Tressa, but nobody responds. Moments later, Tressa returns home and Jim hides the Swamp Thing in the attic. Tressa goes into the bathroom and finds Bucky barely conscious upon the floor. She screams aloud and Jim comes running to her. Jim explains that this is her brother, but Tressa corrects him, citing that she does not have a brother. Tressa calls the paramedics, and Bucky awakens long enough to tell Jim where he stashed the money. He confesses that Savanna Langford was not actually his mother. Bucky is the son of a man who once worked on the property. The paramedics load Bucky onto a stretcher and take him away.

Eleanor comes to the house and stops Jim. Pretending to be a reporter, she begins asking Jim about the money, but Jim doesn't tell her anything.

Meanwhile, the Swamp Thing is still stuck hiding in the attic. Without the rays of the sun to vitalize him, he begins losing his power. As the sun goes down, the Swamp Thing grows weaker. After Tressa goes to sleep, Jim goes to the room and helps the Swamp Thing to his feet. He begins sneaking him out of the house, but the creature's heavy footfalls waken Tressa. Fearful of being discovered, the Swamp Thing returns to the dark room for the remainder of the evening.

"For the last time, my name is Scott, not Pig-Nose!!!"

The following morning, Eleanor comes to the house and picks the lock on the front door. She confronts Jim and points a gun to his face, threatening to kill his mother unless he reveals where the money is. Jim tells her that the money can be found at an old dumping site in the middle of the swamp. Tressa walks in and surprise them. Eleanor spins around and shoots her in the chest. The Swamp Thing hears the gunshot and struggles to make it down from the attic. The morning sun has restored his power and he uses it to heal the unconscious Tressa's bullet wound. The Swamp Thing leaves and Tressa awakens soon after. She has no memory of anything that happened.

Eleanor goes to the swamp and finds one of Anton Arcane's Un-Men rifling through the garbage. She scares him away with her gun, then drops the gun and begins searching for the money. The Un-Man returns, picks up her pistol and shoots Eleanor in the stomach. Eleanor chuckles to herself, "What a lovely place to die...", then falls over dead.

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  • Episode first aired in the UK on November 17th, 1995.

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