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Swamp Thing is an American animated television series based on the Vertigo Comics character Swamp Thing. Debuting April 20, 1991 on FOX, it lasted only five episodes. The short-lived series, produced by DiC Entertainment, corresponded with Kenner's Swamp Thing action figure collection released the year prior.

Like previous film incarnations of Swamp Thing, the animated series rejects the popular Alan Moore revision of Swamp Thing's origin and portrays him with his original origin as a man turned into a plant-like entity. Anton Arcane takes the role of the main villain responsible for Alec Holland's transformation into Swamp Thing. Arcane is backed by his gang of Un-Men: Dr. Deemo, Weedkiller, and Skinman. Swamp Thing also has two friends named Tomahawk and Bayou Jack. Tomahawk is Native American not to be confused with the DC/Vertigo character, Thomas Hawk, who was a soldier in the American Revolution rescued by Native Americans. Bayou Jack is a Vietnam veteran.

Similar to Troma's Toxic Crusaders, the animation style of Swamp Thing follows the trend of goofy, horror anti-heroes made for the children. Spoofing Chip Taylor's "Wild Thing," the opening theme plays "Swamp Thing! ...You are amazing!" The series also bears an environmentally conscious side also noted in many of its contemporaries.

Swamp Thing was apparently turned down by CBS, leading to its mid-season debut on FOX. Despite the show's limited number of episodes, NBC featured it during Chip and Pepper's Cartoon Madness in fall 1991, and the Sci Fi Channel would syndicate it years later. The UK's Children's Channel also re-aired Swamp Thing in the 1990s.


Swamp Thing episodes
Ep# Title Airdate
01 "The Un-Men Unleashed October 31, 1990
02 "To Live Forever" April 20, 1991
03 "Falling Red Star" April 27, 1991
04 "Legend of the Lost Cavern" May 4, 1991
05 "Experiment in Terror" May 11, 1991


  • Len Carlson as Swamp Thing
  • Don Francks as Anton Arcane
  • Harvey Atkin as Tomahawk
  • Philip Akin as Bayou Jack
  • Errol Slue as Dr. Deemo
  • Gordon Masten as Skinman
  • Joe Matheson as Weed Killer
  • Tabitha St. Germain as Abigail Arcane
  • Jonathan Potts as Delbert
  • Richard Yearwood as J.T.