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Based on the 1991 Swamp Thing animated series.

Swamp Thing is a video game tie-in to the animated series Swamp Thing for the NES.

Synopsis for "Swamp Thing"

Based on the 1991 Swamp Thing animated series.


The NES version of Swamp Thing borrows the game engine from The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants. Its introduction features the origin story of Swamp Thing and as depicted in the 1991 animated series. The player takes the role of the title character battling foes throughout the Louisiana swamps and other locations in a side-scrolling format. Swamp Thing's attack methods include punching and firing "sludge balls" which are acquired throughout the game. The player must venture through various stages, which include a graveyard, chemical factory, toxic dump, and finally, Arcane's lab. Bosses include Arcane's Un-Men, Dr. Deemo, Weedkiller, Skinman, and finally, Arcane himself.

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