Swastika was an American militia man and anarchist.

During the middle of a battle with a group of metahumans while endangering civilian bystanders with disregard, Swastika was subdued by Superman. He was among the many rogue metahumans who were apprehended and interred in the Gulag by Superman's Justice League.

He suffered a major throat wound at the hands of Cossack during the Gulag battle, but survives the nuclear blast after he is saved by Magog and Green Lantern Jade. He was then retired to Paradise Island and was seen being disciplined by Magog.[1]

  • According to character supplement in Kingdom Come / Revelations Swastika was originally the tattoo design for Von Bach before becoming a "well-armed skinhead."
  • According in the novelization of Kingdom Come, despite bearing a swastika tattoo and his namesake, Swastika was not a Neo-Nazi.



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