"Endangered Species, Part One": Gus has a dream about dying in Jepperd's arms.

Sweet Tooth #20 is an issue of the series Sweet Tooth (Volume 1) with a cover date of June, 2011.

Synopsis for "Endangered Species, Part One"

Gus has a dream about dying in Jepperd's arms.

He wakes up to Jepperd telling him they need to head out to find the girls. He's concerned they haven't come back yet. They head outside and find tracks leading in the direction of the girls when suddenly Gus is attacked by a bear.

Elsewhere, Walter Fish cuts down the girls from the fishing net trap. He tells them it was placed there by Haggarty. He has set traps all around the woods as he scavenged for food. Walter offers them a chance to stay at his house as it will be getting dark soon.

Upon arriving at a dam, he reveals inside is a fully powered, fully operational self-sustaining home. With a garden for fruits and vegetables to a library with hundreds of books. He claims he found it just lying there when he arrived and has been living there undetected ever since.

At the campsite, Johnny asks Doctor Singh where Bobby is located. He tells him his instincts have taken over and he's buried himself under their campsite as a makeshift home. He's afraid he won't continue the journey as he'll want to enter a hibernation mode. He said it's doesn't matter for him, he'll follow Gus as his new messiah anywhere.

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