"Wild Game, Part 2 of 4": Jepperd beats up Doctor Singh. He's mad that he's accusing Gus as the cause for the plague.

Quote1.png I'm not alone anymore. I have a reason to fight. A reason to kill. This world is dead for me. But maybe they can still make something of it. So I try to push him from my mind. Because I know that he will what he always does. He'll make me weak...vulnerable. But as the truck pulls away, I feel like a piece of myself is stuck to its fender. Like my guts are being ripped out and dragged along the old road with it. I want to turn back. Want to turn to see him one last time. but I don't dare. I don't dare look at his face again. Quote2.png
Tommy Jepperd

Sweet Tooth #37 is an issue of the series Sweet Tooth (Volume 1) with a cover date of November, 2012.

Synopsis for "Wild Game, Part 2 of 4"

Jepperd beats up Doctor Singh. He's mad that he's accusing Gus as the cause for the plague.

The hybrids crowd around Becky. Jimmy Jacobs proposes the idea that they believe Becky is their mother. Becky talks with Wendy about Gus. She tells Wendy she knows that she has feelings for Gus.

The Hybrid Bird flies high above Abbot and his men. When Abbot spots him, he pulls a rifle out and shoots him down. He tells his men to use the hybrid as a message to Jepperd.

Gus and Jepperd pull off from each other and talk in the science room alone. Jepperd admits he might be upset because he has begun to believe Gus may be responsible for causing the plague. The two walk back upstairs when they hear a noise. They find Bobby has returned and the Hybrid Bird is strung around his neck.

Jepperd forms a plan with everyone. He has Gus, the women, and the hybrids head to the base to take shelter. Jimmy and Jepperd will make their final stand against Abbot's men to protect them.

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