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Quote1.png Wait-- Wait--! I don't belong here! I'm not like them-- and you know it--! I'm a combat veteran-- suffering radiation sickness! It was my first offense, damn you--! Quote2.png
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Swerve is a former member of the military who was injected with the blood of a metahuman after being shot, soon turning into a criminal after returning home, making her an enemy of the Teen Titans.

Swerve is first seen teaming up with Golden Glider, planning to rob a hospital of its pharmaceuticals. Kid Flash runs onto the scene, but is soon tied up by Glider, who instructs Swerve to shoot him, but she hesitates, not wanting to kill a kid. The Teen Titans then arrive on the scene, and she is abandoned by her partner for her hesitance.

Swerve then ends up taking a hostage and going up onto the hospital's rooftops, saying that she only wanted to get some money because she was abandoned after she left the military and was unable to get a job. Red Arrow then promptly shoots the gun of her hands, causing her to fall off of the roof, in which she is saved by the efforts of Crush and Djinn.[1]

Swerve is then after put into the underground prison of Robin's.[2] She later took part in the prison breakout but was apprehended and imprisoned once more.[3]

Once Robin's illegal prison was discovered, Damian decided to brainwash his prisoners, including Swerve, into becoming citizens using the magic of Djinn.[4] This magic would wear off however once Djinn was imprisoned within her ring by fellow member Roundhouse.[5]

Because of this, the villains who had been wronged by this band of Titans joined together, using their combined wealth to hire Deathstroke to take revenge for them.[6]

After this plan failed, Swerve was not long after defeated once again by the Teen Titans and was properly arrested.[7]




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