Switzerland is a federal republic in Central Europe. Its capital city is Berne.


Switzerland is a federal republic in Central Europe. Its capital city is Berne.


In the Earth-One universe, as discovered in 1940 by Blackhawk, there was an un-named un-touched medieval town, in a valley in the Swiss Alps, populated by immortal pacifistic mystics, some or all of whom had telekinetic powers. When snow fell in the area, none fell into this valley. Rafsu, head man in the town, claimed to have lived there himself, since Charlemagne's time. No records exist of Blackhawk, or anyone else, returning to that town.[1]


In the Quality Universe, during the Cold War, several nations were able to remain independent and unaligned with either of the two world superpowers. Among these unaligned nations were Portugal, Spain, Viglandt, Andorra, Austria, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Liechtenstein, San Marino, Sweden, Switzerland, Yugoslavia and others. Despite this neutrality, the United World organization attempted to build a strategic radar station atop a particular peak in Switzerland, Mt. Merciless. Survey and construction for this station were thwarted for a long period of time, by a long-undetected tribe of Asiatic warriors, with medieval technology. The Blackhawk Squadron found this tribe, and its ruler, King Merciless, and there was a conflict, at the end of which, Merciless' stronghold and all his men-at-arms were annihilated in a volcanic eruption. Later the radar site was built.[2]


In the Earth-One Universe, as discovered in the Swiss Alps by Batman and his first team of "Outsiders," there was a concealed entrance to a tunnel leading to the subterranean kingdom of Abyssia.[3] Batlike quadrupeds and buglike cavalry mounts had evolved in this unique ecosystem, and some of the humans living here had developed telekinetic super powers.

Points of Interest

  • Checkmate Headquarters: The Castle.
  • Order of St. Dumas
  • Geneva
    • Pax Institute (possibly broken up), a dedicated to the pursuit of peace and caring for the victims of warfare. It doubled as the base of operation for the first Peacemaker.
  • Swiss Alps
    • The secret entrance to the tunnel that leads to Abyssia[4]
    • Matterhorn
    • Mt. Merciless[5]


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