"Eclipsed!": Since House Amethyst was surrounded by an army, Lady Mordiel assumes that her visitor, Lord Zushan of House Diamond is their leader. He responds, however, that he is under the command of Lord Kalaa, who i

Quote1 I swore to do whatever it takes to make things right... and I will! Quote2
Princess Amaya of House Amethyst

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  • Elzere
  • General Sakil (Eclipsed)
  • Pwaka




Synopsis for "Eclipsed!"

Since House Amethyst was surrounded by an army, Lady Mordiel assumes that her visitor, Lord Zushan of House Diamond is their leader. He responds, however, that he is under the command of Lord Kalaa, who is now the ruler of both House Diamond and House Onyx. He promises that Kalaa will spare her if she surrenders, but when she refuses, he angrily responds that she has no hope against them with the blood power of House Amethyst divided between its three ladies.

In Akasa, where House Turquoise is located, Lady Ingvie returns from putting her little brother in hiding, finding most of the portals to the other houses have been blocked. This poses a problem, but she and her companions are surprised to be visited next by both Lady Akikra of House Onyx and Prince Hadran of House Diamond, who claim to have a solution. Akikra can guide them through secret ways, and though they all likely go to their deaths, everyone prepares to face Kalaa.

At House Amethyst, Kalaa tires of Mordiel's resistance, and uses the Black Diamond to turn her own guards against her. Fortunately, she is saved by the arrival of Graciel and Princess Amaya. They hope that Mordiel can put aside her desire to possess all of the Amethyst's blood power for the sake of Nilaa by joining forces with her family.

Gathering together, Ingvie explains that long ago, Lady Chandra of House Amethyst used the power of the Prime Catalyst to imprison the essence of Kalaa inside the Black Diamond. However, she had to seize the diamond from him to do that. Hearing this, Amaya has a plan that requires her mother and aunt to wait by the Catalyst for her signal. As Kalaa grows more impatient, punching through the amethyst wall they built to shield themselves, the women say their goodbyes, urging her remaining companions to keep the armies away from her while she tackles Kalaa. Lord Preet, meanwhile, is tasked with pick-pocketing the Black Diamond from Kalaa. As Kalaa breaks down the barrier, Amaya launches herself at him, and all of her companions fight off his armies.

Meanwhile, Graciel and Mordiel rush to the Catalyst, warning everyone they pass to get to safety in the cellars.

Amaya battles Kalaa, cursing herself for making the mistake of trusting John Constantine and letting this madman into Nilaa. During her fight, a man from House Onyx launches himself at her, and she deflects him into Kalaa, who angrily kicks him to the ground. However, this man was actually Preet in disguise, and he successfully palmed the Black Diamond during his brief contact with Kalaa. After he passes it to Amaya, she signals to her mother and aunt, who focus their blood power into the Catalyst, sending a blast of amethyst energy into Amaya and the Black Diamond.

As Kalaa begins sensing that he will be trapped in the Diamond by House Amethyst again, he focuses his own energy on destroying the Catalyst. Amaya looks on in horror, worrying for her mother's life, allowing Kalaa to lunge at her. His sword breaks against her shield, so he wraps his hands around her neck, eager to squeeze the life from it.

Buried beneath the broken shards of the Prime Catalyst, Graciel reaches for her sister's hand reminding that they must do everything they can to save Amaya. Angrily, Mordiel takes her hand, growling that she knows what they have to do.

In the courtyard below, Amaya is overcome by the blood-power of Amethyst and realizes unhappily that her mother and aunt must be dead. Simultaneously, Kalaa begins to lose his grip on those he possessed. Amaya turns on Kalaa with renewed and righteous rage, but he mocks her, claiming that she cannot hope to defeat him without the Catalyst. Coldly, Amaya responds that she is the Catalyst, and uses her blood-power to activate the Black Diamond, finally capturing Kalaa within it. However, when the magical energies have dissipated, they can see that the Black Diamond, too, has disappeared.

Finally, Prince Hadran bows before Amaya, declaring her Lady of House Amethyst, and offering his life and his sword in the service of bringing Kalaa to justice. Tearing up, Amaya responds that she doesn't want to be a Lady; she wants her mother back. Surprisingly, Akikra points out that this dream may come true, as Elzere appears with both Mordiel and Graciel leaning on him for support, still very much alive, if injured.

After embracing her mother, Amaya realizes that this means that both Graciel and Mordiel gave up their blood-power willingly, and she hugs her aunt, gratefully. The reunion is interrupted by Ingvie, who warns that if the Black Diamond is still on Nilaa, Kalaa will return upon the next eclipse, and with his power thus amplified, he would be able to enslave them all - even those with blood-power. There are just five months until that day will be upon them. Amaya resolves that they will search all of Nilaa for the diamond, and if they cannot find it there, they will track it on Earth. No one will release that monster on the world again.


  • This book was first published on May 15, 2013.
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