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Quote1.png Batman made certain she was put away for a long time but things with Sybil weren't that easy. Turns out she wasn't the first Silverlock to try burning Gotham. Quote2.png
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Sybil Silverlock was the mother of Gotham Academy student Olive Silverlock.

Sybil Silverlock became the most recent in a long line of Silverlocks to take on the alias Calamity as she slowly lost control of herself due to possession by the vengeful ghost of her ancestor Amity Arkham.[1]

Sybil woke up after a blackout to discover she'd murdered her own husband and her grip on her own mind kept worsening until she was defeated by Batman and Robin after setting an entire residential block alight in the Narrows.[1][2] Following the collapse of Arkham Asylum Sybil became a patient in a coma held in Arkham Manor. When Dr. Eric Border exposed his true identity as the Joker in the asylum and infected a portion of Clayface with Joker Venom, unleashing the new monster Clownface, Silverlock was awakened from her coma and escaped the asylum in the confusion.[3]

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Other Characteristics

  • Mental Disorder: Calamity tears at the mental stability of her unwilling hosts causing them to feel overwhelming anger when they normally wouldn't, have blackouts, and see visions as she tries to overtake them entirely.