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Clownfish was an ally of Black Manta.

Clownfish was once a doctor by the name of Dr. Sydney Allard. Allard had a lucrative medical practice in La Jolla, until it was discovered that Allard was killing his elderly patients. Before he could go to trial, part of San Diego sank, forming Sub Diego. Allard was one of the many people whose biologies adapted to undersea life. Allard lived in Sub Diego for over a year before Black Manta took over the city while its mayor, Cal Durham, was visiting the struggling Atlantis and Queen Mera. Dr. Allard was recruited as an underling by Black Manta, who himself was working for Progene Tech. Allard took blood samples of Sub Diego's residents under Manta's orders. When the new Aquaman, Aquagirl, and Cal Durham re-entered Sub Diego and were captured by Black Manta's forces, Dr. Allard was ordered to take blood samples from Arthur Joseph Curry.[1]

When Aquaman and the others were rescued by their allies, Allard slipped away. He looted a lab room full of chemicals, including a strain of Joker Toxin. When guards passed by, Allard stumbled and the broke the vials of Joker Toxin. The guards, recognizing the dangerous chemical, fled the scene. Sydney Allard, however, was immersed in the chemical. The toxin drove Allard to lunacy.[2] Discarding his shirt, Allard invaded a Sub Diego home and murdered its inhabitants. Contemplating "the joke" that is life, Allard decides he needs a way to help himself explain the "truth" to others. Becoming inspired by a purple and yellow fish in a bowl at the home, Allard uses markers that work underwater to color his entire body purple and yellow.[3] From there on in, he refers to himself as the Clownfish.

Clownfish then goes to Mayor Cal Durham's home and shoots his romantic partner, Kyesha Salton, in the torso with a miniature harpoon of shorts.[4] He treats her afterward so that she is alive but in pain on the couch. He also ties up Topo, who was also at the home at the time. Letting Cal Durham know his lover was in danger through a video call, Clownfish waited for the calvary to arrive. Clownfish incapacitated Cal Durham by drugging him. He then threatened to shoot Kyesha to convince Lorena into removing her armor and handcuffing herself to a chair. After revealing that he strapped a bomb that he can detonate at any time to Kyesha's torso, Clownfish orders Arthur Joseph Curry to drug himself with a poison that acts as a truth serum. When he had taken samples of Aquaman's blood earlier, Clownfish had discovered a transparent substance present in Arthur Joseph's plasma. Wanting to know its origins, Clownfish has Aquaman drug himself so that he can learn the truth. In the process, Arthur Joseph Curry enters a spiritual state and meets the Lady of the Lake, who explains more of Aquaman's origins to him. As Aquaman sobers, before he can answer Clownfish's questions, Lorena kicks a vial of paralyzing poison in Clownfish's face. The effects do not register immediately, and Clownfish is able to move long enough to press the trigger to activate the bomb. While the bomb strapped to Kyesha is revealed to be a fake, Too spots the real one under the couch. Aquaman recovers enough to rush everyone out of the room safely before the explosion enveloped the room. Clownfish also escaped the room before the blast, though, and swam away to safety before anyone could fully recover enough to give chase.[5]



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