Sykes was a member of the Intimates.

Sykes was conceived by his parents for genetic experimentation. While growing up, Sykes did not play with the local children, who all thought he was mentally deficient, or in some other way abnormal. At some point in his childhood, his uncle sexually assaulted Sykes, and his parents were shot and murdered. Evidently, no one knew that Uncle Alvin sexually assaulted Sykes, because he was delivered into the care of Alvin.

Around the time Sykes should have attended High School, he was sent off to the Seminary, where he failed to make any progress in direct communication, or growth in his powers. He seemed to take a shine to Empty Vee, but this is mostly speculation. At one point, Vee, conspiring with the remaining students of the Alpha Homeroom, save Kefong, pressed the "off switch" on Sykes' null-field generator. This trapped all of the Seminary in a hyper-realistic hallucination, with unknown boundaries. During the hallucinations, Duke revealed he had dark thoughts, Vee showed her nurturing side, and Punchy relived Sykes' experience with his uncle Alvin. Destra saw how the children in Sykes' neighborhood treated him, before being "swept away with extreme prejudice" by some para-military force.

When the Alpha Homeroom was trying to escape the Seminary, Sykes used his telekinetic null-field to press the initiate teleportation button, reaffirming in some of his fellow students' eyes that he processed reality alongside them.


  • Illusion Casting: Sykes can create psychedelic hallucinations.
  • Telekinesis: Sykes has a null-field that blocks his hallucinations from affecting allies around him. He can use this field for minor telekinetic purposes as well such as pressing buttons.



  • Null Field Generator: Sykes wears a piece of equipment that contains his powers.


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