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Sylbert Rundine, codenamed Dwarfstar, was a thief in Central City who gained the power to shrink objects around him.

Years ago, Rundine had operated as a thief without any powers and, while on a heist, accidentally shot and killed a security guard. A bystander, David Ratchet, would end up taking the fall for the crime and be sentenced to Iron Heights.

Years later, four years after the appearance of the Flash, Rundine, still a thief, stole shrinking technology from Palmer Tech belonging to the Atom and was exposed to dark matter on a bus when the Flash was pulled out of the Speed Force. Because of his proximity to the shrinking material, Rundine gained the power to shrink objects around him and used his new power to continue his thieving ways.

After stealing an entire building, Rundine was tracked down by Team Flash, who were hit by Rundine's blast and shrunk down to two inches tall. The rest of the team worked to un-shrink them and capture Rundine. However, when they did, he refused to confess to the crime that put Ratchet away years ago.[1]

Now in Iron Heights, because he was a metahuman, Rundine was prepared to be sold to Amunet Black by Warden Gregory Wolfe. However, after the Flash successfully freed all the metas from being stolen, he was intercepted by both Wolfe and the Thinker. The Thinker proceeded to then siphon Rundine's powers into himself using his chair and kill him.[2]


  • Size Alteration: Dwarfstar can shrink and unshrunk the particles of anything he's in blast-distance of.




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