The daughter of a man who was cheated out of the patent on a high-tech, micro-thin, 'miracle fabric' he had created, Sylvan clothed herself in the stuff and set about killing the men she believed drove her father to suicide. She was prevented from killing the third (and last) of these men by Nightwing, and faked her death in her escape.


  • Unique Physiology Sylph is wrapped in strands of her father's revolutionary fabric. She uses it as a jumpline, although much of her combat work is done by strands charged with static electricity. Those are attracted to her targets as if alive, and will wrap themselves around opponent like glue, tightening as her victim struggles.
    • Adhesion: Her fabric can stick to opponents through static electricity.


Fast and athletic, Sylph is quite proficient at using her costume as whips, grabbing heavy objects to use as a flail or projectile.



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